Tuesday, March 28, 2017

End of March

Spent an unproductive day writing on Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis and Anaerobic Digestion. Slightly after dinner, Lancaster University’s Aurora Watch showed Red Alert for 8pm (never seen Red before), which got me jumping off my seat in excitement. At 9pm, it was Orange Alert, which is still highly probable. I immediately started charging my phone and camera, and by 9.30pm, was out on the streets, walking towards Western Necropolis. It’s facing north, and has a view across the horizon. A 40 min brisk walk came to naught, as the intensity dropped to ‘Yellow’. Still it was a chance worth taking. Besides, it was a nice weather for a late walk.

2 weekends ago, I was in Manchester and Liverpool for the weekend. Traveled down with a fellow Chevener from Vietnam - Binh. We had bumped into ShengJi's place for a Saturday night. Had a nice dinner at Pearl City, Manchester. Fantastic Malaysian cuisine. 
Old Trafford
The next day, we went to Liverpool, and visited Albert Dock. Personally, I highly recommend the Merseyside Maritime Museum, especially the Slave Museum Section.  

Free admission
Customary fish with curry outside Anfield
Liverpool played Burnley, and it was a game we barely scrapped through.
Coutinho's form hasn't been the same since his injury

Had a productive weekend though. The YPCC team, 21 of us, met at Teacher Building, Glasgow. It feels weird attending a YPCC meeting without long any flights, which means it’s really comfortable for me. The weather was great throughout the weekend. Discussions were great, while the team is growing in size and workloads. Saturday night’s dinner at Sapporo was terrific.
Last Saturday, it’s also when all clocks are changed to British Summer Time. It’s been around 2 weeks, where the day is visibly longer, where the sun rises by 6.30am. Just now, the sun set at 8.30pm. Summer is finally here!
Working hard
I am happy with the Ice-breaker 
Sapporo Glasgow, and met a Malaysian part time student there
The semester is also coming to an end (1 more assignment for Energy from Waste to go). March didn’t disappoint, with a balance of ups and downs. At times, group work were a pain, as different cultures, backgrounds and ideas make progress agonizingly slow. Being someone of 积极,and dislike last minute work, I learned how to be less 倔强. Well, it’s partly because I can’t control what is beyond my control anyway. It’s a shame, because I always wanted to produce quality work. Anything work doing is anything worth doing well.
April will be an interesting month. Final exam will start on the 28th, and ends on the 9th of May. There will be 2 weeks of spring break from now onwards. I suppose most of my time will be to have a wee look at the summer project, SensUs project and maybe starting some revision. 

Finally, people in the park