Tuesday, February 21, 2017


So it's Monday, and as I was walking to class, like everyday, passing-by Glasgow Botanical Garden, the first thing I noticed were the sprouting flowers, or daffodils on the green. This made my day. Looks like the "darkest days" may be over.

Well, the wind has been extra strong lately.

After months of winter, it's so refreshing and motivating to see life on the ground
Lately, I also made some nice food. Like what Bear Grylls always say - To eat is to motivate. 
All time favourite
Had an invitation from our Chinese neighbour
Had a visit from our sponsor - Cheerful counterpart
After class, I made a hike to Taggart Glasgow, to get some Land Rover parts for my mentor.  
Passed by what looked like a Boys' Brigade building, but there were no signs of people
I entered the showroom of Jaguars and Land Rovers rather confidently. 
I wonder how's the sales
 But to be pointed to a small room in the backyard.

Seems like the parts in Malaysia cost 3 times the price year, after factoring FOREX and DHL delivery!!!
A fortnight ago, my team and I made a field trip to Whitelee Wind Farm, and part of Campsi Fell (almost reached Stirling!). It was a fantastic experience. Being a power plant person, and learning about wind turbines and sustainable energy in Glasgow is enlightening.
There are > 200 wind turbines at Whitelee
Group 3
Local residence - Do not disturb them
Finally getting up close with these fur-ly friends
Major datelines are in a month's time. March will be exciting. I am catching Liverpool vs Burnley on the second weekend, and there's YPCC Meeting, in Glasgow! Hope the team will enjoy the stay. Hopefully the weather will be fantastic.

I am most probably half way through my UK adventure, and I am going to put in more effort.

I feel that success is for the taking, if I could continue working hard


Anonymous said...

love your posts and positivity

Weeser said...

Thanks! Thanks for dropping by. Best wishes.