Thursday, February 9, 2017

Less-Exciting and Challenging Times

Now is the most demanding period of my UK adventure.
The last 2 days were draining. Tomorrow will be another long day, while Friday will be a tough 3-hour engineering master-class. Thankfully, the morning class of Power System 4 is cancelled. Some much needed breathing space.
Yesterday evening, I was totally drained-out with the biosensor team. It’s been a long time since I felt lost in a group discussion. There was a moment where I was caught switched-off when my friends needed my input. Joining the biosensor competition was to move out of my comfort zone. How often do you get into a university team and develop a biosensor to sense the probability of heart attack? Working along side a team of doctors, medical engineers, and some students which I don't even know what courses is interesting. But like any voluntary group work, team dynamics and leadership is vital. We're currently still looking for our footing, but thankfully, it's taking shape.
It’ll require all my electronics skills (something I’ll need to re-discover after like 6 years).
Truth is, without Chevening, I could still be in my overall maintaining switchgears, transformers and generators in Singapore.
I think the whole point of coming back to Uni is to challenge myself, and it’s gonna worth every effort giving my best.
After the bio-filled discussion, I went for some quick groceries at Tesco Byres Road. It was almost 8pm by then. And guess what, I left my debit card at the self-check counter. To be this blur and inattentive is rare. (I didn’t know that after some 24 hours later.)
This morning, had Energy Storage class, with lots of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage schemes. Managed to hop by the Career Fair at GUU, and talked to an interesting power engineer from UK Power Networks (who do distribution). All are graduate schemes of 2 years, which I am eligible.
Had Power Systems lab at 2-4pm. Totally lost my bearings without my reliable Casio 570. My younger classmates are so much sharper and quicker. Simple maths are obvious, and I have total confidence in mine. But it just didn’t worked at times. Maybe at 30, it does makes a difference?

My birthday cake last month
Caught up with the Integrated Team for some group meeting for tomorrow’s presentation. Thank goodness for Cal and team, as I am not required to do the presentation. Left Uni at 5.15pm with Mart for the IET Talk on Tidal and Wave Energy at Teacher Building from 6pm-7.15pm. It was a full-house attendance, without the customary sandwich dinner (some technical error). I conclude that tidal and wave will need significant time, cash and effort to be what wind is today.
Before taking the subway back, I dropped by Tesco St. Enoch for some sweet potatoes and onions, and it was then I discovered that my bank card wasn’t with me. Pretty much suspected that I left it at Tesco Byres Street. So I calmly took the Subway back to Hillhead, and retrieve my bank card from the service counter. This only happens in the UK. 
Teacher Building
I am normally sharp and alert, but this 2 days has been really energy sapping, both mentally and physically. But I am relishing the challenge.
Maybe I had slacked a little in Singapore. I used to be really busy
It’s do or die till the end of April. And I am confident I could handle the expectations and pressure.
I just need the weekend to come earlier, and focus on the tasks in hand.
I don’t get how some friends can party and drink so often (they must be really smart and efficient). Most of my Cheveners mates found out that the grades here isn’t what was expected. It’s actually quite hard to score well. I think everyone lowered the targets.  

Lastly, it seems like I am the only PE in Malaysia that wasn't aware that the registration needs to be renewed yearly before 31st January. To be honest, I hadn't receive my certificate, and it's slightly cruel to fine me RM1.2k for the late renewal. Let's see how the appeal goes.

If there's one thing I learned in the UK, it's that life isn't always fair, and hard work may not necessary pay (immediately). But we should never give up, because when we give up, all is lost. Glad to know C&I essay turned out better.

Looking forward to better days ahead. (Need to complete 5 essays by 24th March!!!)