Tuesday, January 10, 2017


So my wonderful winter holiday has come to an end. It was a fantastic 3 weeks. I did only things that I like and am passionate about. After submitting the Creativity and Innovation assignment on the 16th of Dec, I really had, for once, a total, sumptuous and fruitful holiday. It was a perfect end to 2016.
First, I headed off to Portugal on the 17th, and came back on the 24th. Lisbon was a fantastic place to visit, with 500 years of culture and history. Faro was a nice town mimicking Melaka. It was low season, winter, but still, I had a full 6 days of sunshine. I also made friends during the travels. It was a fantastic learning experience.

Lisbon would be in my list of top 3 
And the sunset at Faro is one of the best I've seen
History, culture and legacy of the Portuguese 
Cabo da Roca - The most western end of continental Europe

After spending Christmas chilling indoors, I joined the Herriot-Watt gang for a 3-day road trip into the highlands of Scotland. Though it’s not the first time I see snow, or highlands, being to Nepal and Jiu Zai Gou in China, it still had me in awe. The Vauxhall car was a nice ride. Acceleration can be improved though.
Loch Ness
On New Year’s Eve, I went to Anfield, to see Liverpool beat Manchester City. The Main Stand Upper, a new expansion of the stadium, had a magnificent view. After the game, I went to Manchester for a count down, and bump into SJ’s cosy house. 
Finally, a game at Anfield
Nice fireworks in Manchester for New Year
On the second day of the year, I made a trip to Western Necropolis, to search for Sir William’s grave. The founder of the Boys’ Brigade is buried in one of the thousands of graves there. I need to thank my housemate for walking 40 minutes with me, apparently to film it. Unfortunately, the entire Glasgow was still in a shut down since New Year’s Day. Without any officers (I called Glasgow City Council, and they were off), we left. This year is the 60th Anniversary of 1st JB Company, which I joined at the age of 13. Congratulations 1st JB. You are one of the best education I could ask for growing up. One of the reasons I chose Glasgow is because of you.
I most of the week reading, arranging photographs, watching documentaries…
And suddenly, it’s 9th of January again. But this time, it’s year 2017, and I am 30.
It still feels weird, and it is vital to admit, it’s something different. I think it’s a milestone in life. A guy who reaches 30, should be a man, no longer a ‘boy’. I think I was really fortunate to enjoy my life thus far, being extremely lucky in various occasions, to travel, meeting mentors and making fantastic friends. For that, I am grateful.
I am not someone who makes resolutions, or bold targets in life. More of a ‘tried my best and let’s see what happens’ type. Somethings go well, others not so.
Last year this time, I just started my job in Singapore, and went thru some patchy periods of life.
Today, I am most probably living the time of my life. I know dreams do end, and we will eventually wake up, and face more downs than ups. But I am ready, and know where to summon the extra strength when the going gets tougher. 
9th of January is also the ‘declared’ birthdate for dad. It seems no one knows when he was born. He once said old people don’t tell you when you were born, so you won’t need to celebrate your birthday. I admit, it’s a day you feel peculiar and strange, as you were always celebrated on this day. Out of 365 days, you get some attention on this day.
Today was also the first day of Semester 2. Finally, a lecture on power system. Man I miss engineering classes. Hopefully, I could get some good scores this semester. 3 months of hard work ahead for me.  
Time to work hard again.
I am not the most emotional or sentimental of beings. But I still do appreciate and value genuine and sincere people around me, though I may not express explicitly. I know those who care, and I am glad to have you all.
Thanks for the best wishes. Have great year ahead.