Friday, December 2, 2016


The dwindling day-light might actually had some effects on me. It gets dark before 4.30pm. Lately, I wasn’t my sharpest. My concentration isn’t best at times. I woke up and spilled a cup of water (luckily not directly) on my notebook. It will be apocalypse if my notebook crashes. I protected it so well, that it hasn’t leave the room!
I don’t really have the appetite for meals. Maybe this is what the winter-blues brings. Or maybe it's just exams and essay datelines?
I also suspect that, without exercise for almost 2 weeks, the toxic-level in my body must be quite significant. Only the locals could jog around the neighbourhood at 5 degrees, or at 10pm at night. Tomorrow is the day for the gym.
For a few weekends, I primarily kept myself in my room churning out essays. Social science isn’t for me. Writing on theoretical ideologies on management without practicality should be left for the professors and academicians who at times live in the last century. How do you even teach innovation and creativity based on the text book.
Classes have ended. And I am left with 2 essays and a final exam paper on the 12th. Some lee-way was mercifully given for the essays till the 16th, which had me making up my mind to sacrifice my flight tickets to Malaga. Most probably paying 40 pounds for my risk taking. Another lesson is to book only Flexible or Moderate rooms on AirBnb.
At least, there will be no regret for pushing my essays too hard. It’s like the stock market, you need to know when to cut-loss and get out. It’s like managing strategic change!
But guess what, I bought tickets to Faro today! Lisbon awaits. And I have already found a few terrific books on Lisbon/Vasco da Gama in the library.
I suppose all my stipend would go for travels and exploration. I would trade it for fancy meals or drinks, and night-outs. Need to thank the British government for that. Ok, I ensure that I utilize all my brain all my studies beforehand.
I had a bad Monday. Woke up feeling really 'heaty'. I am not sure if it’s because of the sweet potato supper the night before, or the consecutive onion-fried-eggs. I needed more frequent salads and apples. I slept really early.
Luckily, I woke up ok on Tuesday for the Edinburgh trip, which was fantastic. Chevening organised a visit to the Parliament and Royal Society of Edinburgh. It was mostly attended by the guys from around Scotland. It was great meeting up with the folks at Edinburgh. It was a full day. When I reached Buchanan station at 11.15pm, I managed to missed the last Subway. But there's always Bus 6A to the rescue!

Holyrood - Don't tell others that the building was over-budget and delayed
Was quite cultured and well designed
Noodle Malaysia, at Rice n Noodles, Edinburgh - Wasn't the best Malaysian meal
Edinburgh is just beautiful. It’s still my favourite city in Europe. Maybe Stockholm and Copenhagen stand side by side.

I realized that there is a certain trait of Malaysians. I think we are a hard working lot. I could feel the stress of the guys from Heriot-Watt, having engineering papers next week. 100% final exam!
Today, before noon, the sun was high and bright. For the first time, I went out to the Botanical Garden, with my book, for some vitamin D. Camping in my room, with heaters, seems detrimental to health. But I am always too gung-ho to think that winter-sickness are for the faint-hearted.  If things are fairer from where I grew up, I may actually join the army or navy.

Having French classes every Thursday nights. It’s really interesting. I once dreaded the sight of walking from St. Andrews Building to Winton Drive, with yellow warning storms. Thank goodness, the weather recently turned much better.

I will be back in Edinburgh for Arthur's seat
Nowadays, any temperature above 5 degrees would feel like summer and happiness. When it was -6, it’s not fun at all.
2 weeks to go. Almost there. Hang in there. 
Merry Christmas 
By the way, it's confirmed. You could call me Ir. Tan Wee Ser! (Trying to stay low). Thought it is just Tier 1. Need to thank Ir. Chris and Ir. Chow for mentoring me. Thank you Ir. Ch'ng for the moral-beating interview.
Career-wise, it's quite unbelievable to have achieved these competencies! Steam and ICE Grade 2, and now PE. CEng seems to be the next one. 
Shall I just stick to power stations...