Monday, December 12, 2016

11th December

So it's gonna be 3 months since I left home.
Will be having final exam tomorrow. Only 1 exam - Operations Management. It's 100% exam assessed.
Then there are 2 essays due this Wednesday (Marketing) and Friday (Innovation). Both without much clue.
Then, then, then, I will head out to Lisbon!!! Yes. It's Lisbon, Portugal! For 1 week!!! I have identified a few Portuguese-related books from the library to bring along.
Well I had booked my flights to Malaga on the 12th, but had to strategically 'burn' it, after an extension of the essay datelines. I suppose, sometimes, like in Operations Management, we have to mitigate risk by containment or loss reduction.
It's a reward for camping in the room for the past 4 weekends. I have gave my best shot on the 5 essays. I realised the importance of academic writing.
On the 26th, around 14 of us will do a road trip up north to Niggs. Thanks KY for organising it!.

The weather isn't getting better. It was -5 something last week. But it has been around 5-10 this few days. It only gets bright at around 8.30am. And it gets dark before 4.30pm.
I did get my own winter-blues last week. I actually rushed out to the Botanical Garden for some sun-bathing. Winter blues was quite scary. There's a lack of Vitamin D, and you don't feel like eating,  or waking up. I was aware that not eating proper food would make matters worst. I also know there are many friends (even Scots) are down with flu. Luckily, I pretty much regained my usual-self after 1-2 days. I made sure I went to the gym weekly, this time with my windbreaker on during jogging. The feeling of completing 4km on the treadmill under 30 min is always nice. Some muscle workout rounds up the experience. Had a dose of Vitamin C and lots of fruits. 
No wonder, the only advice my mentor gave was to 'prepare for the winter'. 

Overall, I am coping well with the challenges. 
There are alot of things to accomplish this month.

A Scottish Christmas maybe
Thank you and YES93.3 for all the nice songs while I study and essay. I always enjoy the night-time radio. Since there is a 8-hour difference, I get to listen to less commercials  My PMR and SPM exams were prepared with the radio beside me. So I am pretty much a radio person.