Thursday, November 17, 2016

I am going to Anfield!

This morning, I was woken up by my remiser requesting me to top-up another RM 32.00 for my purchase of half a lot of Axiata at RM 4.55.  

After that, I spent almost 3 hours queuing for a Liverpool FC ticket. Even skipped my 10-12 class.
Similar to undergrad days, it's all about PC-literacy, and a bit of luck. While my friend in London had bought Burney and Bournemouth, after queuing for 1.5 hours, I was still in the dock waiting for my turn.
To be honest, I was too perturbed. Though Liverpool FC tickets are considered fair priced, it's still requires prudent savings to achieve. 

Basically queued for 2.5 hours

While queuing, the games I had previously planned to go, i.e. Swansea and Palace were long sold-out.

All within 2 hours, this was what happened

I thought I'd just save up the money. I'd done my part purchasing the full membership already (£35). But I was taught no to give up, and so, I proceed with 'speculative clickings', alternating between Burnley and Bournemouth games. The rest are a gone case. A few times, there were empty seats, but other members had added it to their purchase.
Finally, after around 10 minutes, a couple of empty seats appeared, and I grabbed one without even reading much. Well, as expected, it was a 'severely restricted view' seat at Anfield Road. I just took it without second thought.
Part of rounding up my UK experience...

Quite frequently, things don't go our way. I've got pretty much campus-related applications turned down. But guess what, maybe in 10 attempts, an attempt may go thru. 
I am drafted into a team, that may go to Eindhoven next summer. Let's see how it goes.