Thursday, October 13, 2016

12 October

Today was routine. Had Operations Management from 9-11am. Dr. Smart is really an outstanding lecturer with industry experience. HRM tutorial was at 12 to 2. After that, went to meet Change Management tutor for some advice for the Essay, weighing 100% course assessment! A first in my life.

I then camped at the library desktop from about 3-ish till 5.30pm, when I headed to BJBS for my customary 2 hour part-time job. 
I've met some nice people along the way, and a fortunate to learn skills from them. I enhanced cutlery and dish collecting skills.  

Today also marks 1 month of me arriving here. It actually feels more than a month here. I think I made good progress. I think I'd spent my time really well.
Glasgow is a beautiful city. It's very green.

From Kelvingrove Park
View of the Main Building from Adam Smith Building
And the weather had been quite good since I arrived
Oh, I finally registered a French class. It's 207 pounds for 5 months, 2 hours per week. That's a reason for me to work part time. Time to learn something new.
Up next, 2 consecutive weekends in London.