Thursday, September 29, 2016

Long day

Yesterday was pretty much the longest day in Glasgow. Had lectures from 9 to 11 am, and then headed to the internship hub briefing after lunch. I am pretty much writing cover letters and updating my CV in a slim hope of securing an internship next summer-winter. I am spending more time looking for a job/internship then on my studies right now. 
But I should move into study mode pretty soon.
The MSc. here has got 2 hours lecture per subject. We are expected to self-learn and study. Some subjects are 100% assignment, whilst there is a subject with 100% final exam!!!
By fate, E and myself bumped into the only Malaysian supermarket at Cambridge street near Cowcadden Subway. The owner, Mr. L had invited me to be a spectator at their badminton game at the Scottish Badminton Academy. My perception is that, their skills are above average. (They all sounded so)
Had a pleasant introduction to Microsoft Project from 2.30 to 4pm. We were in the dark all these while at Tuas.
Took the Subway to at Hillhead.
I reached Cowcadden really early, and had my first western meal - chicken burger, at Oxford Restaurant. To dine in, it cost 4.70 pounds. To take away, it's 4 pounds. With the wind chill outside, and about an hour to spare, I chose the dine in. When I saw the portion, I was in remorse and regret. A plain burger, with lots of (fattening) fries. 
Never again. 
Should had went to Subway.
Arriving at 6, I was practically invited to go walk around until 6.45. At least my heavy bag of shoes was allowed to stay back in the shop.
I walked around Sauchiehall Road aimlessly. Well at least I found a 5 pound swimming trunk at SportsDirect. Didn't buy though, as I wasn't sure how many days I'd head to the pool.

Once I saw the group play, I knew, there wey below the Singapore Bukit Batok Wednesday group. Always under promise, and over deliver, as told by Dr. Smart during Operations Management this morning.
I had also a familiar advice - being told that I am distracting their play, as I was jogging around the hall. This apparently distract play. It's a similar told-off I had in Singapore, while hitting the shuttle against the wall. 

But the real surprise was on the way back. The game ended at 9, and a player gave me and Tommy a lift. Tommy is a Thai chef who stays near my uni. We were dropped at the edge of Byres Road, which was about 10 min walk to Tommy's.
It was 45 min walk to Winton Drive. I couldn't believe I walked 45 minutes home after badminton. I used to lament that I walk a lot in Singapore. After badminton, I had to take MRT, and walk 5 minutes to my place. Scotland beats that now. 45 minutes walk, carrying my bag, after a long day.
If I had a car, I would never let someone walk home, at night. The weather had mercy on me. If it's a yellow warning Scottish rain, I'd be going thru physical training.
Maybe the culture here is to be more independent. Or, it's just self-centered-ness. Or, maybe I am a guy.
Mr. L "officially" invited my to come next week, after the session. I shall consider.
The 2-hour badminton is manageable. The walking and risk of getting caught in a night storm is more of a concern. I could make do with the Drop-ins at Stevenson's.

By the way, the campus is magnificent