Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Days in Glasgow

So it's true. No, this is not a dream. I am sure that I felt my stomach grumble after I ate the tuna cheese sandwich I prepared for lunch.
Drinking tap water long term may not be something sustainable?
My streaming of FlyFm, for the first time isn't stable for some reasons. Switched to Singapore's Yes 93.3, the songs are fitting for 4am at +8 GMT. All the emotional and love songs.
Maybe in 2 hours, I may hear Majulah Singapura?


I spent an eventful week at home after coming back from Sydney.
Last Saturday, mom and dad both woke up early to send me off at Changi. We reached Changi at around 7.00am, leaving my house to my sister's waving smile at 5.15am.

Outside departure gate at T2
It was the first time I flew Emirates. Besides the slow service of drinks, everything was over my expectations.

Transit in Dubai
Live EPL in-flight - Glad that Man City beat Man Utd
Landed for sunset in Glasgow

I took no time to settle in. Maybe it's because I was here backpacking aimlessly 3 years ago. I am glad I fully utilised my 40kg luggage by Emirates. Made many new friends too.

Shopping spree
Pretty much settled in
A life saver
Thank goodness for the ikan bilis, chilly (sambal) paste, and packets of teh tarik/milo. I am pretty much equipped as a Malaysian. My friends who flew BA only had 23kg. The physical workout from the bus stop to the room was worth every strained muscle.
My place for the next 12 months - 24 Winton Drive

So, today was the first day of class. Actually, only 2 hours of lecture.
This semester, I will spend my days at Adam Smith Business School, taking management modules. From January 2017, I will be taking electrical power subjects (can't wait for it!!!).

And today's weather was marvelous 
And it feels like Harry Potter is nearby

No, never in my dreams I would be getting a Tier 4 Student Visa, and being sponsored to study in the UK. UK was too far away. Most students here have to pay (or rather their parents have to pay) every penny for everything. A full set of laundry costs GBP 3.50. The students in London pay even more. The hostel in London is twice the price outside London, which is crazy. I thank dad, who told us that he would only support our studies in Malaysia, and that if we want to go further, we will have to work it out. I never forget this.

Many people asked me how did I get the Chevening Scholarship. Only 5% of total applicants got it. The truth is, I didn't expect to get it. I was happily working in Singapore, earning the superior Singaporean dollars and spending it in Malaysia.

I admit that I always wanted go abroad, be it student exchange, or even to an extent, work and travel.
But I never had the chance. Post-graduation, I served my 5-year bond with Genting Sanyen. After that, I moved to Singapore for a year. And, I was going to be 30 pretty soon. How many years could I still dream of going on an adventure abroad?

Chevening was basically going to be the last (of many) scholarships I applied. I remember seeing the newsletter from www,scholarship-position.com while I was still working in KL in August 2015.

For this scholarship, I did my homework. I looked thru the database of past recipients, the subjects they studied, the university they went. I got the most prominent people I know (or rather, who know me) to be my referee.

All these while, I did what I thought was meaningful to society, for a better world. I was not contented to work day-in day-out in a power plant. I was always interested to learn new things and meet new people. I took part time studies, which inevitable broaden my world view, and knowledge. My involvement with The IET was vital. In fact, one week before the interview at the High Commission, I was in London for a meeting. How many people could stay with an organization for a decade? In retrospect, the panel could tell that my voluntary work with The IET was sincere, and that I am genuinely passionate with science, engineering and technology.

My cause of interest was renewable energy and energy efficiency.

It was then, that I realised the power of voluntarism. Prof. Dr. Vigna was right. Becoming Chairman of YPS Malaysia was something valuable.

I think I have been really fortunate in meeting the people that I've met throughout my life.

All the way.