Wednesday, August 10, 2016

10th August

So Singapore turned 51 yesterday. Coming to Singapore may be one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s really an upgrade in terms of my career, i.e. moving from a 720MW to a 2670MW power station. Also, it was an eye opener to different (yet similar) work cultures, along multi-national colleagues. Some interesting personalities and characters round up my experience.
Singapore is clean, efficient, and well-respected worldwide. Being associated with this country builds confidence and trust.
But, as a Malaysian, my long term future lies in my home country. Though the country isn’t in the best shape, and with the descending international standing and reputation, it’s not easy to find a reason to return home. We must remember, that we grew up as Malaysians. It is so easy to complain and lament about the education standard nowadays, or the crime rate in KL. But once upon a time, our teachers, or seniors made sure that we received good education, and thus we stand a chance to be successful today. Without the Malaysian education, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now, after we’ve grown up (yes, I’ll be 30 next year), it’s our responsibility to serve and contribute back to society. It’s easy to give up and just abandon the country.
I canceled my leave last Monday in order to improve my leave records. After much considerations, I applied for a Tier 4 Visa Appointment on 10th August (this morning), at 8.45am. Another calculated risk, knowing that I have yet to collect the Final Award Letter.
Yesterday, I left home at 6.30pm for BHC in Ampang Park. Reached the impressive TBS at around 11, and took a cab to Ampang Park. The cab driver was had a stereotype on (young Malaysian) Chinese passengers, as being respectful and rude. Well, I did my best to convince him otherwise, and even apologized on their behalf. I rounded off the taxi fare and gave him a tip. Man, the standard of KL taxis has got really a lot of room to improve. The long awaited FAL was yet to be posted after being signed a week ago.
Had a nice ramen with an old friend at Pavillion. The chemistry was still there, and we could talked and discuss subjects, life and current issues without boundaries.
I was back at TBS to take the 5pm bus to Larkin. It was my first time departing from TBS, and I have to say a big Kudos to TBS for being really efficient and clean. As compared to the days of Pudu Raya, TBS is like a Benz to a Proton. No ticket touts, pleasant, with helpful ground staffs, TBS is really a classy act.
I sat inside the bus and watched the sky turn dark. Hooking up my IPod with songs from yesteryears, looking out of the bus window onto the ongoing zooming car headlamps,  I thought back of my journey thus far. I am fortunate to be where I am today.
I shall be someone useful to society, and make this world a better place.
It seems pretty much certain that I’ll be in Glasgow on the second week on September.
I secretly apply some mild pressure to be the top 5% of the class. It is my duty, as a Chevening Scholar from Malaysia, to show that Malaysia's got the talents and people that could perform and achieve.

PS: Will be meeting the British High Commissioner in KL on 25th, and traveling to Sydney the same night, till 29th. Coogee beach swim during winter anyone?