Friday, July 1, 2016

1st of July

So, it's the first day of the 2nd half of the year.
Peaceful Friday?

I think I’ve not done something as daring and ferocious as this. 

For the last 29 years, I’ve got things planned out pretty well for me.

Had a scholarship to study my degree, which meant I spent most of my uni days financially independent and free to do whatever I like (and to also join the IET, paying GBP membership, while others fray from doing so).
As a GSP scholar, we were pretty much pampered and looked after. GSP even gave me a plaque and RM 1000.00 for being Best Graduate (Leadership and Extra-curricular activities), 2 years after I started working. 5 years of uni life transformed me from a village school boy to a fresh graduate engineer, where I duly served my 5 year scholarship bond with GSP/KLPP (who will always be an organization that gave me my break-through). 

When I started studying engineering, I never thought of working in a power station. And that was what I eventually did, and the power industry turned out to be quite lucrative and comfortable. Once my 5-year bond was up, I was itching for more adventure, and took up an opportunity in another power station in Singapore. 

This meant I finally had a chance to spend some quality time back home with my parents (which I never did for the past decade). It was a luxury to work across the Causeway, with the superiority of the currency, and being able to spend most of my weekends at home.

Last week, I was in London for the YPCVC and Global CVC, which was a success.

Was in town for IET Global CVC and YPCVC
Barry Brooks, IET Past President
It was great meeting up with old friends, and IET is the home for engineers.

President Naomi Climer was an inspiration - She was also the emcee and time-keeper. Superb speaker

Seizing the opportunity, I became tour guide for my parents, for a 12 day free-and-easy styled holiday to London, Copenhagen and Paris. Mom had retired in April, and both of them deserved a good holiday faraway from home for, a first in Europe.

My parents spent about 4 days wondering around London, while I was in the conference. We'd planned the itinerary, and being able to stay in Westminster, which is the most strategic of locations, they had an enjoyable stroll. Bought the 1+1 Day Hop-on and Hop-off tour bus.

Big Ben
We then went to Copenhagen, Denmark. I've been to Oslo and Stockholm, but Copenhagen seems to be a class above the rest of Scandinavia. The Danish society is truly a welfare state.

Copenhagen was nice
The last stop was Paris, home of Euro 2016 and railway unions/worker strikes. Fortunately, there were no floods, no strikes, and no football competition in Paris during the 3 days. But the tourist in the City of Light was uncountable. We were lucky to get up Eiffel Tower.

Lucky to be at the right place, at the right time
And Paris was more beautiful and charming than I expected
The trip was a success, and I am a proud son.

The AirBnb stays were also positive. It's amazing how much we could save, and how convenient it is to book a place to stay. Overall, 3 of us used SGD 6000.00. Never again.


I always sound adventurous and enterprising, but no, today’s attempt wasn’t easy. But people around me have gave me brilliant support and blessings, which made me stronger and more determined.
Life’s really unpredictable.

And I am prepare to risk it