Monday, May 9, 2016

Early May

Liverpool had qualified for the UEFA Cup Finals in Basel. They overcame B. Dortmund in the Quarter-finals with a dramatic 4-3 win at the death. In the Semi, they whacked Villareal 3-0 at Anfiend. Jurgen Klopp’s team of hard working and down to earth players seems to inspire confidence, especially on European nights.

Meanwhile, I’ve just completed my first outage of CCP5, the Alstom KA26 problematic machine at plant. It has been a great engineering journey thus far. Being in maintenance means that I get a few calls here and there when I sleep. Overall, it’s still pretty luxury to leave plant at 5.30pm most of the time.
A grand occasion for my uncle's 80th bday - The family is united and strong (Grandma would be proud of us)
Nothing much recently actually. Am sitting for IELTS in 2 weeks’ time. My life defining day would be in early June though, and I am staying really calm, cool and composed.
Succeeded in converting my Malaysian license to a Singapore one, and retain my Malaysian one (pm me for details if you need~). Will have to collect it at the post office though. I am getting used to the Singapore life.
And am quite good in predicting the traffic at the border
And in middle of June, I will bring the old folks to London, Copenhagen and Paris. Paris will be extremely crowded, with Euro 2016 being held. The heighten security will be a concern, but Paris was the sensible option. Besides, dad seems interested.
Booked the stay on AirBnb, and it’s even cheaper than staying in hostels. Gosh, it’s incredible how convenient and straight-forward traveling has become. Technology/smart phone has also revolutionize how people communicate. Take AirBnb for example, - When the host replies my message on the website, it sends an SMS to my mobile phone. The response is instant, and so efficient.
Currently, I am not looking too far ahead. I’ll just enjoy my gardening, and patiently wait for June to end.
Everyday, my company passes by Tuas - AYE, and I am practically 20 km away from home 

Oh, and I am extremely intrigued by the Ottoman Empire. My next set of documentaries (on Youtube) shall be on the Spanish and Portuguese empire!