Friday, May 27, 2016


Just finished 2-day course on SF6 Handling, at Institute of Power and Gas, Woodleigh. The instructor Mr. Kastern from Siemens Power Academy was brilliant. Met up with K, one of my earliest friends in UNITEN for dinner and some bean curd dessert.
Was clearing my mailbox, and it was then, an email creeped up.
From Chevening. I am almost there. Still calm and composed as of now. A huge thank you to everyone who supported, trained and guided me. My family deserves the utmost credit. Hopefully, I bring pride to you all back home. Will continue the due process, and hopefully in 3 months’ time, I’ll be in Glasgow.
I’ve never imagined this could happen to me. But I never stopped trying. (Or rather, I always tried my luck)
My life may not be the same anymore.
During yesterday’s course, bumped into Mr. Tan TL, who was coincidentally the organizer for last night’s IET Talk. He was really friendly, kind and helpful. Not only did he give me a lift from SPTI to Orchard, he dropped me back at CCK. His children was at Orchard helping out with the PA and media system. It was nice to see a father training his girls on basic engineering knowledge, like flicker and voltage imbalance.
It is because of people like Mr. Tan, that the world is a better place.
And, he’s also an alumni of Glasgow!
Fate has a prelude?
In a few days, it’ll be 1st of June, which means, that it’s my 6th complete year working. Way back in 1st June 2010, I started my career as an Operation Engineer at GSP, primarily looking after GT 11 and 12. The GE Frame 6b and 5 will always be special. My training at KLPP made me sufficiently good in electrical and mechanical engineering. I can still remember the happy and carefree days the most of us spend at Plant A office. Nowadays, I could repair electrical switchboards at home.
Then, GSP was sold to you-know-who. Things were identical, but we all knew that it was no longer attainable. And the rest was history.
From my humble beginnings in Tun Aminah, where I normally look upon the dark black sky after dinner, in the garden, with occasional airplanes flying past, to the outcome I got today, there is not much I could complain about in life.
I am grateful and thankful for everything in life. Good or bad for that matter.
I shall continue to be someone useful, and kind.
During the IET Talk on AC-DC last night, Prof. Tseng correctly pointed out that electricity was the biggest invention in the last century. I didn’t understand the magnitude of what electricity brought to our lives. Thank you Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.
I am a proud electrical engineer.