Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Rebel?

Completed IELTS today. Besides the writing test, which I particularly spent some considered effort kick-starting my rusty essay skills, I should be on course to pass it.
6.5 is the target.
And I could start my long weekend.
Was thinking of actually backpacking the streets of Johor Bahru town.


Malaysia lost to Denmark in the Thomas Cup Semi. I heard it was a tough match. China and Korea were also out. Indonesia plays Denmark in the final.


Liverpool lost the Europa League Final to Seville last Wednesday. I heard that it was a well defeated game. Jurgen Klopp style of man-management appeals to me. He is someone compassionate, communicates well, holds accountability of his team, and not to mention shoulders responsibility bravely. But how many leaders and managers in this part of the world do that. You can expect neither Rafa, Van Gaal or Roy to do what Jurgen does. Overall, Liverpool is still fortunate to have him. Hope Jurgen could pick the team up, and build the team from strength to strength.
The airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. What’s life without ups and downs, or awkward moments. I have personally being scolded, ridiculed by people, e.g. by seniors, superiors, road users and etc. But everytime, I make sure I get my takeaway, or learn something new.
If you need to make a mistake, make it, and don’t repeat it again.
Last weekend when I was driving in Singapore with my family, I made a U-turn in a small alley, as it was a dead end, unintentionally blocking a van driver’s path (for maybe about 10 seconds). He subsequently overtook me, cruise beside me, cursed and swear for like 5 seconds (in his enclosed van, which of course I can’t hear anything) before speeding off. Amateur road rage in the island city? Or more of stress-relieving yells? Was a bit hilarious in my opinion. I actually thought of holding my camera phone to simulate recording, and see his reaction. Once I was sweared and cursed by a Benz’s driver.
Makes me quite impressed with myself at being able to hold my breath and stay calm to provocations. I find this being a trait I picked up after traveling and meeting people around the world. You should always manage your emotions, let alone your temper. Never lose it in public! Besides, safeguard the moral high ground, and it is key that we maintain a good name in society. I hold on to the belief that for what I've achieved in life, I shall not stoop as low as these baskets.
A worthy question is, “what is left in you, discounting your profession and career?” You may by a CEO of a MNC, but behind that, you could be a motivator, maybe a volunteer, or a mentor, or an ***hole…
I think there’s part of me that go against the norm, or the establishment. Yet, I am always portrayed as someone who toes the line. Maybe the line nowadays is with extremely high standards?
I suppose I live at the margin, often pushing prerogative to the limits. Maybe it’s how I get things done the most efficient and effective way. I mean, I’ve been a multi-tasking for most of my time on earth, and this is not something to do with the conventional way of life. Why do I want to follow what the crowd does, where the mass goes? If I could deliver outcomes and results, there should be different ways that things can be done isn’t it? There’s a rebel in me that seeks to discard conformity.
Yet conformity is actually what that makes this island a first world country.
Whilst across the Causeway back in the Federation, where anything is possible, where social disintegration is getting more eminent, the country is moving in to self-destruct mode.
Another extreme is the GOP election in the States. Mr. Trp is clearly a successful business mogul. But the way he defeated all his Republican rivals, shows how much has changed.  
I think this society is sometimes overly rigid, making people confining themselves to only one thought. I suppose if you are in the same company and same job for maybe one fifth of a century, and if you as dynamic as you could, you rest on your laurels and stop progressing. Worst still, you may think that you know everything, and no one dares to question you.
A fine example was my PI interviewer from YuLi. Man, I’ve not seen someone so senior, probably successful, but so egoistic.
Or, not everyone is privileged enough to see the world, like I have so fortunately been able to?
Picked up some parcel for a friend yesterday, away from where I lived after work. Been told that being kind will be bullied. It was a frank advice from another kind friend, which I appreciate. I know where the limits are, and when to say NO. Besides, I have been a recipient of assistance and help from a lot of great people. What goes a round, comes a round. I think we should try to make the world a better place, and charity begins at home, and the people around us.
I suppose the real world is cruel and heartless. Been reading Dalai Lama’s book on cross-religion understanding between the major religions of the world. It’s quite a fantastic and insightful book. It aids in making the world a better place.
Human Governance tells us to ‘Listen’, with our eyes, ears, heart and soul.
Only time will tell.

PS: It's Wesak Day, a day to remember what the Enlighten One taught, and maybe to remind ourselves that karma exists in life.