Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mid March

I had such an action-packed week, and it is only until now, on a Thursday, that I could type a few words.
I had an unconventional weekend. I went back to Nilai/KL last Thursday night after work. Had a pleasant flight on AirAsia, and it felt like déjà vu. 
Once my home airport
For a moment when I was walking in KLIA2, I felt a sense of misdirection. I was almost lost, yet KLIA2/KLIA/LCCT were airports that I could once pinpoint positions without a second thought. I realize, that I had really been away for quite some time, after spending a decade there.
Familiar spot - Car park exit
V was kind enough to let me put up 2 nights in Nilai. He’s still the same old jolly junior of mine, still very focus, and waiting for his next big break. But with most of us gone from KLPP, it’s pretty much his opportunity to shine there.

It has been only 6 short months, since I left Nilai for Singapore. I miss the greenery, carefree and spacious neighborhood there. Things didn’t seem to change much in Nilai. On the other hand, I found new challenges and excitement in life. I met new colleagues, friends and learned a substantial amount of electrical engineering here.
And, hopefully, my confirmation letter will come in a week time. No increment though.
Can you imagine I’m still shy of 6 months working here? It feels like I’ve been here for ages, and made tremendous progress! It’s got to do with having a fulfilling and action-packed life.
My used to be run-down house is still intact (glad to see), while my old tire rims are still in the car porch! Saw my old spare mattress lying in the living room, adjacent to JH’s heavy duty fridge which he used to keep his organic chicken supplies.
Ah, the zoo
I suppose life could be routine and dull or inspiring and exciting.
My neighbour’s Perdana is still parked at the same spot by the way. It was this Perdana that knocked and damaged my old Saga’s lights. Considering the fact that my (dad’s) old Saga was passed to me, then from me to my brother, and now, with my uncle… It’s a good car!
Last Friday, I was at the BHC in KL for my last shot for an adventure. Prior to that, met up with a fantastic friend of mine for breakfast. People come and go, and I am not the most expressive man on earth. But in me, there are friends and people that I’ll always appreciate and stand by. It’s because these people stood by me when I was in need.
The session at BHC was fine. I suppose with the quality of other contenders, I’d rate my chances at about 35%, for meeting the minimum threshold on all segments. I’ll patiently wait till June for an outcome.
After that, took the LRT to JPJ PJ near Amcorp Mall for to obtain my Malaysian driving record. I’m attempting to convert my Malaysian license into a Singapore one. The process was surprisingly fast. Within 45 minutes, I was walking to Amcorp Mall for lunch.
Met up with my sifu Mr. C for dinner and V. We went to Re Re Sheng at Dengkil. Oh, it was another trip into the past. Dengkil, a once sleepy small mining town in the middle of nowhere, shot to prominence because of its location between KLIA and KL, has such a variety of delicacies!
On Saturday morning, V got a call because GT 15 tripped. It was out at 6am! So I had the luxury to laze till about 10. Had Ah Wong’s for breakfast. The noodles still ooze class when compared to noodles in Singapore.
We then left for UM, as V had an appointment with Dr. T. Dr. T was also from UNITEN, and was once YMS (those days) Chairman, I think for 2010-11, the first year I started working, and re-joining the YMS as Treasurer. Dr. T is still the same, tall, thin and wears a broad smile. Another nostalgic moment during the weekend.
I’ve got fond memories in UM, which I’ll keep close to my heart.
We then had our customary lunch of Cili Pan Mee in PJ. Priced at RM 7.50 per bowl, it still attracts great crowd. And it’s really good. I’ve also got fond memories here!
V dropped me off at KLIA2 for an evening flight back to JB. I had to go back to prepare for my PI the following Monday.
Clear skies - Sign of the heat wave and haze?
I didn’t manage to prepare myself too well for PI. Being at home, I was more interested in helping up with the chores, or accompanying the old folks. We’d discuss on our trip to London, Copenhagen and Paris in summer. I am equally excited.

My PI wasn’t the best session I had. Chief interviewer commented that I am still young to be entrusted lives with. But he did mention that I’ve got good technical skills and knowledge. I’ll just hope for the best. I am not in a hurry to become a PE in Malaysia anyway.
For the time being, I just soak up the challenges in TPG, and do a good job.
Wishing for better traffic