Sunday, December 6, 2015

Strolling in the Gardens

Spent the whole day nesting in the pigeon hole in CCK, apparently resting from yesterday’s ‘’Garden stroll’ with mom, dad and bro.
Not bad for a second time luck, in getting one out of the company’s two corporate card for Gardens by The Bay. Thanks TPG.
In 4 months time, I shall try my luck again
Brought the parents and brother over for a day tour. Visited the Flower Dome, Cloud Flowers and OCBC Skyway.
Both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are one of the biggest indoor GreenHouses around. The temperature of Flower Dome is around 22C, while Cloud Forest goes slightly lower than that. Fortunately, I had my jacket for dad, who is currently going thru some weird cough.
Indoor garden with flowers from Africa, Australia, and even pre-historical plants
And Christmas decos
It felt like a enclosed and isolated planet
The Cloud Forest did a fantastic job promoting the climate change agenda, particularly about the impacts and effects of the earth temperature rising 5C by 2100. 

After that, we headed to Satay by the Bay for dinner. It offered more that Satay of course. Food were reasonably priced, and it is worth the stroll.
It’s Christmas season, and the place was flooded with people.
Upon arriving at OCBC Skyway at 7pm, we had to queue for the 8.40pm slot. Tickets were scares. The corporate card was handy.
Introducing - Supertree
With synchronized music and lights
A bright idea of photo shooting!
The wait was quite worthwhile nevertheless. Up the Skyway, you could enjoy the Singapore skyline. The walk is limited to 15-20 minutes.
At S$5, the SkyWalk is a worthy attraction
I hope the old folks enjoyed quite a tiring day out.
The view was quite spectacular, should offset the effort
Tomorrow, we’ll have a family trip to Taiwan. The Scoot flight time is one of the more bizarre ones I’ve had – 1.00am! Fortunately, or unfortunately, we are on booked ground tours. 
Ant-like crowd from the SkyWay
As I walked to buy dinner, with my ever reliable tupperware, which I have been using since the days I packed dinner from GSP Canteen’s aunty, I realized that I’m in the midst of kickstarting a new life. My friends, network and contacts in KL for a decade pretty much just came to a halt. The distance meant that I can’t attend last weekend’s IET AGM in Armada Hotel. I am without my buddies whom I’ve hanged out with.
I see this as a process of ‘coming to terms with reality’. And just like the quote from the movie G.I. Jane, I watched on Youtube just now, ‘there’s nothing in nature that has self-pity’. Moving here almost tripled my disposable income, and I am shifting a gear up my career. Working on a500 MVA transformer, and a 400 kV SwitchHouse is a CV any electrical engineer will crave.
And I am closer to home, after a decade!
Whilst, I also quickly found acquaintance in the YP Section of IET Singapore, led by the charismatic CCL. Let’s see how I can assist these group of volunteers.

I’m doing good, and I hope you are too, as always. Some things don't change. I still prefer to listen to FlyFM, streaming it online here. 

Merry Christmas, happy new year, and best wishes on the new job