Sunday, November 22, 2015

22 Nov

When tomorrow comes, it’ll be 2 months here.
Feels like I’ve been here for quite some time. But in reality, it’s the first weekend that I stayed back in town (or Kampung CCK).
Had badminton yesterday at 10.30am till 12.30pm with the usual gang. Had a unique experience when a few middle age folks told me off, to not practice shots against the wall, because it was distracting their play. I was thinking to myself, Dato LCW plays infront of a sell-out crowd in Jakarta, could he tell the fans to shut-up because it is distracting him?
If there is something I need to adapt, it's the coldness or lack of empathy of people here. Even when I buy food, and being slightly slower to identify my coins, I get side-eyed or voice-raised. And I''ll shunt that outlet after this.
Les says that it's because these impatient folks thought that I am local...
Afterwards, to my surprise during lunch, my gang voiced out their displeasure of what happened. They didn't quite accept the fellow's attitude, but I assured them that this is just a small matter.
Clash of rackets... Now I need to look for a replacement
The lunch at Teck Whye was sumptous. Was a cozy neighborhood. Thank goodness I finally found stalls which sell traditional desserts and cakes. I strolled around after lunch, and took the LRT back to CCK. 
Having no exercise for the past 3 weeks, I was totally flat. Fatigue. I think I need to do some regular jogging. Merely running and cycling around the plant doesn't even provide me the minimum fitness training! 

Today, I officially started exploring Singapore. After doing my homework on Wikitravel, I ventured out after breakfast. First I went to Little India. Seranggoon Road was bustling, and on a Sunday, it really felt like a sanitized India. Had some Bryani, and continued my stroll.
Along Jalan Besar, I bumped into a small stall and had the luxury of eating beancurd, which was really nice for a hot day.
Just nice after Bryani
Dropped by Sim Lim Square. I think Lowyat Plaza is still THE IT and electronics hub, serving a bigger market I believe.
I then crossed SMU, and visited the National Museum.
A special exhibition with precious records of the founding on Singapore in 1965 was on display. I could feel the crunch and pressure people like LKY, GKS, Raja and co. had during those conflicting days with not only Malaya, but also with Indonesia, who initiated the Konfrantasi. I also learned about the roles that Tunku, Razak, Ismail played. The beauty of history is that, it is up to the future generation to judge. To be forced out from the federation (let’s be frank), and to achieve what they have achieved, in 50 years, the leaders of Singapore deserves much credit. 

I'm not lying, reading this made my hair stand at the back of my back
Secession seemed like a good thing to do?
I couldn't help by wondering what who have happen if Malaysia was left intact. The truth is, 50 years ago, it was quite impossible...
The first Cabinet of Singapore - Full respect

The Museum also had other displays, which includes pre and post WW2 exhibits.
By 3.30pm, after spending 2 hours in the museum, and reckoning that the sun would not be as hot, I hiked up Fort Canning Hill, and the adjacent park. The greenery was refreshing. I am in awe how well they preserved greenery and old trees. Canning Hill, or Government Hill was once the site of the Singapura King in the 1400, and then of Sir Stamford Raffles.
It was Sunday, and the entire park was actually full with hundreds of foreigners. Some sang with their guitars, some were having picnics, some were in large groups playing games. I couldn’t help but feel happy for these folks having a nice day out, knowing the fact that their daily jobs would be far from comfortable. 
Escalator to go up the Fort Canning Hill!!!
Once upon a time (in the 1800s) Fort Canning Hill, overlooked the harbor. Today, you see Clark Quay from the hilltop.
After a brief breather and bearing check, I walked along Hill St., and then Eu Tong Sen. I passed by MOM at Riverside, the fateful place where I did my EP. It was one of the many unique days I had since I arrived here. I arrived for my appointment right on the dot, after having such a hard time flagging for a cab at 4pm at Orchard Rd. 

People's Park
There are a few adjustments I need to make after arriving here. Though only some 40 km from home, somethings are slightly different.
The food at Kampung CCK area made me go shopping and cook for myself.

I had to dry my clothes indoors, and I need to make sure my clothes are dry before hanging it outwards. I have to wake up at 6.30am as my toilet time is 6.30-7am daily.
No wonder my friend said this is the best Socialist State in the world, where everyone has a flat to stay, live in uniformity, with a strict government that decides and holds onto power.
Back home, I started growing the Roselle. LYY  from PD gave me the seeds. Soon, there'll be Roselle Ribena juice to drink.

Surprisingly, the plants that remained in the pot had flowers faster then...
Then the plant I relocated onto the ground!

Otherwise, I am still very contented with things here.
Been talking to many people here, including those who gave up their citizenship. Home is still home for me. And I am determined to contribute for the well-being of my country in the future. Let's see what can be done.
Meanwhile, I'll just follow where life takes me.
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