Monday, November 2, 2015


The haze has gone. For a few days in a row, sunlight, blue skies, rain with breeze…
2 more days, I would have completed 5 weeks here.
I think I’ve made good progress.

My intro-page
Had a few unique experience along the way… Running for buses, sprinting along Orchard Road, going to the bank 4 times to open a savings account, feeling dejected failing to hire a cab during peak hours, walking across the Causeway on Friday night, and the list goes on.
I normally cross the border with a thriller on my hand. Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress is worth reading a second time, whilst I am now reading Hostage London by Geoffrey Household.
Still have got Dan Brown’s Signs and Symbols in my cupboard.
Makes the 2 hour wait quite pleasant.

For once in a week, everyone looked like refugees 
Now, I am comfortably housed in a HDB room in CCK. Every morning, I walk 3 minutes to the bus-stop for the company bus. I have the luxury to close my eyes 4 times a day!
I also have the luxury to spend all the weekends at home.
Last week, to mark my one month into the foray, I signed up for a hike at Gunung Datuk in Rembau. It was fantastic. Although sunrise was shrouded in haze, the rain forest provided fresh air and an escape.
My first camping trip for 8 years
Yup... You see nothing
The hiking group is one of the best I've seen. Very experienced.

Work-wise, colleagues are helpful and kind. And I feel that I’ve come a long way than it is. Looked as though my time slips away really fast, or should I say, I’ve been filling up my time with interesting and useful chores. I am fortunate to be able to appreciate the engineering and technology or different power stations.

I also realize that you’ve got to be physically fit to work at sites.

Was really geared up to attend Open Water Diving next April, but it seems like I may need to postpone it again. I plan to utilize my limited annual leaves on my family holiday to Taiwan in a months time.
But I do look forward for a train-ride around the Peninsular...

If you ask me where I am heading to, in life, I still do not know.


Partial sum said...

Has been some time since I last visited your blog, my friend,,

Weeser said...

haha... blogging was a hit those days. good luck.