Thursday, September 10, 2015

10th Sep

It’s been quite a weird 2 days. Tomorrow will also be weird.
I am technically done at KLPP, a fantastic workplace with cozy and fun colleagues. It’s more of a family than a workplace.
But I’ll still go to work tomorrow morning, for half a day. To handover company properties, and this Dell E6410, which has been excellent for the past 4 years. I had always trusted Dell Notebooks.
This morning, went to Klang to sort out Income Tax. Hopefully within 14 working days, I’ll receive a letter of tax clearance in JB.
Met up with Chargeman Ong for an early lunch of Klang 肉骨茶。We met at Klang Hokkien Association. He was the latest addition to the KLPP workforce, but earliest to leave. He wasn’t confirmed for 6 months. But when his boss finally offered the confirmation, coincidently after the announcement of bonus, Energy Commission approved a new rule for B4 Chargeman to practice multiple visiting service. Now, he visits 4 plants a month, a day each, and bag 2k each! Additional visits are charged separately. And he’s still doing freelance in KLPP.
Things change for the better quite rapidly!
We then check out the Selangor Royal Palace on the way back.
I woke up slumber-ly at 8am, and after my favourite Ah Wong noodles for  breakfast, and started my long winding journey to Klang. I took NKVE/Elite to Klang, a highway that I normally use to reach Subang Jaya for IET meetings for the past 5 years. Some meetings end at 11pm, and I would reach Nilai by midnight. A hairdryer was required to dry my hair. I then took a long drive from Klang to KLPP via the old Jenjarom/Banting/Olak Lempit road. The haze and cloudy skyline reminded me of the UK. I took my time admiring Selangor, a Malaysian state I grew really accustomed to.
Had a pleasant chat with my boss, signing the exit form.
I realize that, all the good and challenging days were done and dusted. We’ve to be professional. Work shall remain as work, whilst interpersonal relationship is what we should try to treasure and maintain.
Will have breakfast with one of the company’s dispatcher, who had been really kind and helpful. Heard lunch will be Briyani. Like what D said, outage is the most harmonious period in KLPP. All staffs get to eat together at 4th floor. 80 pax of food provided. No differentiation of exec and non-exec. Feels like a commune?
After lunch, I shall go home, and start packing. Hope to prep everything by tomorrow night.
Saturday will be IET YPS AGM and Annual Dinner. I think Boon Heng has been fantastic for the past year. Many initiatives and programs were accomplished. New Student Chapters are in line to be formed. It’s the 5th YPS AGM I’m attending in a row. It’s also quite magical, considering the fact that it’s my final outing before leaving KL. It’s a reflection of my life for the past 5 years. My involvement with the IET stands on par with my work with KLPP.
And on Sunday, I plan to wake up naturally, catch Ah Wong noodles, and start my 3-hour journey from Nilai to JB. It’s an understatement to say that I’m unperturbed. I’ve longed for this day for a long time, to return to somewhere I am from.
Coincidently, Ben Jern of Flyfm is also having the same last day – 11th September. Auspicious day? Anyway, BenHafiz was the one that caught my years. Flyfm somehow feels better than There’ll less commercials and more music that goes well with me.
Totally understand the struggle between wanting a new challenge in life, and saying goodbye to colleagues and friends.
And what a way to sign-off with a 12 hour radio-ing from 10pm till 10am tomorrow morning! @benjern
Just booked my flight to Perth next Wednesday night. Pending 2 presentations. It’s a shame I couldn’t spend more time there, or to check out Sydney or Melbourne.
I suppose, next time then.
Feels weird backing up my files and signing out from websites/social media pages on the notebook.
But in order to discover new shores, we must be willing to lose sight of the port.