Monday, July 27, 2015

The Days I Spent @ Nilai

Nowadays, when I hop into my car after work, tuning into FlyFM, I recount the days I drove to UNITEN and UPM for classes right after work. While my friends go out dating girls, or having a feast, I change into slacks and shirt, to look like a business school student, rather than a foreman.
Classes start at 6.30pm. My boss was cool enough to give me flexi-hours during my push for Thesis submission last January. Had to meet Dr. Bany by 5.30pm at his room at FEP. I was at work at 7.30am once a week to be able to leave at 5. Need to thank Mr. W for the considerations.
Weird as it seems, it feels like ages since I passed up my thesis in April.
My 2002 Wira underwent a facelift in 2012, and it’s still glowing once it’s washed. It’s been really reliable. It’s the main pillar behind my work, studies (that’s 2 Masters in 5 years), not to mention traveling to KL and Subang for meetings bi-monthly. Besides some issues with the clutch-pump and clutch shaft I faced during the early months, it has been a loyal servant. 
Thanks to Shun Wen jie's intro. Your brother's car is a jewel. 
Was a dependable and loyal companion of mine
I’ve been calling Nilai my home for the past 5 years. It's been my shelter, and my direction when I need somewhere, to really have a good rest and sleep (my hobby)? It’s quite incredible. It’s extremely close to KLIA, and LCCT (20 minutes drive). Saved me much anxiety and time commutering to and from the airport.
I like Nilai. It’s a peaceful, carefree and relaxing place. When I first came here 5 years ago, I had to wear a jacket to bed every night. It was just too cold! The hilly landscape, and surrounding secondary forest provided the natural green lungs city folks long for. Of course, development kicked in 1-2 years back. And the road to KLPP is sometimes filled with traffic. But it’s still relatively smooth.
Traveling to KL is quite a hassle, at 60+km. A sense of helplessness and laziness kick in when there's a thought of entering the capital. Nevertheless, MEX and ELITE highways are fantastic motorways, and the odds in getting caught in jams are far and between. The Salak Tinggi KLIA Transit Station, once had free parking, provided an alternative way into the city. Nowadays, the parking is RM 3/day.
I like Nilai. It’s proximity to INTI University and Nilai College means that you’ll find students everywhere. International ones too. So for a then fresh-graduate, I immediately assimilated into this local mix. I used to play futsal at INTI futsal court, disguised as an Electrical Engineering student during the weekends.
However, the food here isn’t the best around this area. Ah Wong noodle shop for breakfast is the only acceptable food stall I could find for breakfast-early lunch. For dinner, Aunty Jenny, FengWei and the Korean shop (coincidentally lined are side by side) are normally where I go for dinner. I sometimes really doubt the tastebuds of the locals / students. Stalls with the so-so food (Uncle Tan's maybe?) gets really packed, while those who serve nice/healthier food struggle to stay afloat.
I like Nilai. I like walking holding your hands after dinner around the neighborhood. We would observe and study each houses here, presumably thinking what ours will look like. I like jogging around the neighborhood during weekend evenings. 5 rounds is the minimum. 
Nowadays, I do some short hiking up the hill behind my place.
Just in case I forget how it's feel like 
Time flies. Things change. People come and go.
During flights overseas, or to somewhere far, my thoughts tend to drift away, missing that someone who once was dearest to me.
I am sorry for everything. 
Thanks for fighting so hard for us. I could feel everything. Blame me if you like, call me a noob in relationship management. My only hope is that you’ll never ever doubt my thoughts, feelings, and love I had for you.
Till we cross path again.

At 28, and with my scholarship bond completed on 1st of June, I am definitely at a cross-road in life. What I do next will have enormous bearing on the rest of my life.
1.5 months to go