Saturday, July 25, 2015

Early July 15

I’ve always treated the people around me with sincerity and honesty. Sometimes, rather too straightforward. I wouldn’t hide my opinions or feelings.
So when friends treat me the same way, I feel really touched. Before this CMF caught hold of me and shared his thoughts. Then, just now, Mr. YSL gave me some frank reviews and advices. I really appreciate it. Only true friends will tell that your face is dirty. Sitting in cold storage is a consequence of my risk taking, after some cost-benefit analysis. It’ll take maybe a decade or so to tell if the decisions I made of appropriate. Of course, YSL says that there’s no wrong or right in life. 
I but learned to stay low, keep a low profile and not agitate people around me. I come to realize that jealousy causes office politics. People do not forgive and forget easily, especially when it comes to perks and remuneration. To quote YSL, you shouldn’t be loyal to a company, but to be loyal to yourself. Give your best, and know the limits.
I don’t know if it’s fate or mere coincidence. Sometimes, my travel time isn’t the most appropriate. It's hard to turn down an opportunity to travel when people pay for your flights (sometimes on business) and accommodation, It was a choice that I’ve always stand by. I believe it’s a more noble to volunteer for a charitable organization. Of course, my chance for promotion and opportunity to learn diminishes each time I carry tasks that are deemed not work-related. You don't need to be an inspiring speaker to work in a power plant don't you? But I feel satisfied and happy with the accomplishments.
For some people, it sounds sad and quite disturbing to have people speaking behind your back, and getting unsatisfied reviews, be it from your superiors and staffs alike. I once took heart and cared for it, but nowadays, I am more matured and could see the bigger picture.
It’s a decision I made, to do things differently, going against normalcy and initiate programs that are beneficial to society, or the engineering community, that I am passionate about. This more or less has impacted my reputation at the workplace, and it’s a price I’m willing to pay.  
And I am glad that there’re still some sincere friends around me.
I am just a normal guy that travels a little more than others. Nowadays, I don't even need to pay for my flights. I suppose for my next job, I’ll have to really concentrate and leave my backpack in the storeroom.

I think it’s time to really kick-start my career, utilize and knowledge, connections and skills. 

Written 6th July