Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mid June

It feels great being able to relax this weekend. I tried my best in the DOSH Steam Engineer G2 Part B (Engineering Knowledge) last Wednesday. Let's wait for the results in 3 months time.

Next up, it's (the increasingly confusing) PE application. Not that I am in a hurry anyway. But this remains one of the final to do list, in terms of my short term career goals.

I can't remember when was the last time I spent my weekend cleaning the room, washing the blankets, pillow case, bedsheets, sunning the pillows and mattress. Maybe 2 months ago? 

I am also organizing PATW AP Finals 2015, in Beijing, at the end of August. I've been organizing events throughout my life, but this is the first I am organizing an event remotely. Need to thank all the IET staffs and my counterparts in Beijing and Hong Kong. Let's make this event a success!

Also in mid-September, my good friend Sach is organizing CVC AP 2015 in Perth. I promise I'll find time and contribute on the planning~

Suddenly, it seems everything is in place, and the future is bright again.

There'll be a rainbow after heavy storms?