Monday, May 4, 2015

May 2015

It has been quite a toiling 3 months.
Had my last paper on Saturday. Thank goodness I completed my thesis 2 weeks before the dateline. I had to work for it, with some proper planning. 

Before, I forget, I would like to commend MAS, and their staff at the Ticketing Counter at London Heathrow T4 for their good work ethics and assistance. They were able to bring forward my flight 12 hours to 10pm on Saturday night, saving me valuable work time and sparing me of spending the night at the airport. Very helpful and kind.
Many thanks Mr. Ranjit!
My trip to London and Czech Republic in March was classy, helped by the fact that I was able to meet up with Loo in Prague. I could still vividly remember the sheer joy when I set my eyes on Charles Bridge on a bright, sunny spring morning. I am just thankful for how far I’ve gone.

Prague Castle
St Vitus Church at Prague Castle
Night view
Too meaty for my liking
Need to thank Ryan Air for providing budget flights~

Finally it’s May, and I’ve completed my MBA, as planned. It feels weird actually, that I’ve been busy going in and out of UPM for the past 2 years after work, and, all those hard work is finally coming to an end. A classmate of mine – Lewis, was spot on when he said, during our dinner break at the canteen, that, we will not have to eat dinner there anymore.
Feeling nostalgic I supposed?
Less than a month away from 1st of June, which remains one of the milestones of my life. It marks the first day I joined this company, the day I started earning a living myself, 5 years ago. It is also a relative date I left home a decade ago, to pursue tertiary education in UNITEN. A decade down the road, I am where I am today. I suppose, never in my wildest dreams I would imagine traveling to so many places, and meeting so many great people. A decade after I left home, I grew up into my own man, and am responsible for my well-being. I always did what I considered right, and gave my best in everything I do. I trusted people, and got knocked down a few times. But my parents gave me a solid and comprehensive up-bringing to weather these challenges.
To be honest, I sacrificed and gave up a few things in life. Career-wise, I didn’t perform to the level that I’d wanted, and it’s a decision I made. I know people aren’t too happy or convinced with me. I admit I’m a low-context (utilizing Dr Asma’s Culture Management knowledge) person at the work place. I was most probably naïve or plain idiocy as I trusted basically everyone, thinking that everyone will be happy for everyone’s achievement. It took my ever courageous senior (FCM), who is now studying in Japan to act as a mediator. If not, I’ll still be in the dark of the happenings around me, which is a shame to be honest.
I came to realize that I need to add value in myself, to be different from the flock, so that I can contribute my skills and expertise even better. No one employee is the same, and if you want to employ an engineer who robotically does whatever you assign, I may be not the best candidate. I believe I could contribute something more than that. Problem is, when you work in one place for too long, you may think that you are always right. In the Asian working culture (I can’t put out Dr Asma’s Culture class materials), power distance is high, with hierarchy structure being the normality, people tend to accept instructions without questioning it.  
I have still much to learn, especially on the 13E2s, and the Steam Turbine.
I hope to seat for Steam Engineer Grade 2, and hop on the PE interview by the end of the year.
Anyway, it really feels great to at last finishing my bond.
2 weeks back, I was in Melaka in the morning, and met a priest at St. Teresa’s. It must be one of the more different things I’ve done. I have always been sure in things I want, or my goals in life. But you gave me the biggest dilemma thus far. But I’m happy that we are still in good terms. Maybe time will provide a better picture.

After that, I came back and fetched dad and uncle from the airport. They’ve just spend 2 weeks in Xiamen. I bought the MAS tix at RM 1000.00 2-way 3 months ago. It was a mini reunion with my aunty there, after half a century away. I am happy that dad and uncle were able to make the trip. It meant a lot to them, and they are really happy.
Now, I just wanna take a short break and do nothing, before I start preparing for DOSH Steam Engineer Grade 2, next month.

And another solo backpack in June