Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beanie - For style and comfort

Beanies are pretty common among urban men of our modern days and they are extremely versatile too. They come in various sizes, colours, shapes and styles to suit men’s needs. Beanies are very popular especially in countries with colder climate because you can still be warm with beanies – without even compromising your look! They can be helpful on unfortunate days when you are having a bad hair day. There are many famous A-list celebrities adopting the beanie fashion style like David Beckham and Zac Efron. 

Let me share you a guide for how to style your hair with a beanie and it covers the range of styles for different men hair styles. All styles from a quiff to a side part with a beanie will cover with the goal of showing you on tips how to match and style your hair with beanies. Well, since beanies cover most of your scalp, there might be a little room for hairstyling, but you can always use some hair to work your whole look! I recommend all the guys out there to check this simple guide which I focus more on the beanie look with different hair styles.

Side Fringe

Leave a fringe, whether side or vertical, to show outside of the beanie you are wearing. It’s a cool hairstyle for you to try and this look goes very well for those with straight hair and wavy hair type. 


Allow yourself another variation of style with a beanie by pulling it a little bit back on the scalp and show some hair to allow the hair to be lifted up in a shaped quiff, a messy one or a pseudo quiff.

 Slicked back hair

This is one of the most popular looks among men, and loved by girls too! Try to pull the beanie back while you keep the forelock, pull back to recreate slicked back hair. The hair left showing is pulled back and flattened. This look works very well for men with curly hair to show their hair with looser curls.