Sunday, March 1, 2015

CNY 2015

It’s almost the end of CNY season. This joyous occasion, filled with happiness and kinship will be the kick-start every year.
Reunion dinner has been, and will be part of our lives
Ever year, dad will ensure that all the prayers checklist is prepared, the store room is stocked with soft drinks, biscuits and sweets. He seems to be the guardian of the family tradition and culture. How can I not try my best and do the same? He buys his new year clothes well in advance. My t-shirt from London last March became his New Year’s day attire!

And, Grandma said, 初九要拜
I am just a simple guy like he is.
Every year, mom will ensure that we’ll have something nice and healthy for reunion dinner. She would ensure that we are well-fed and tries to fulfill our stomach’s cravings, latest being agar-agar, something that she noticed that I was quite keen of during one of the visits in Melaka. She would stay up, or be the last to sleep when we are out into the night.

This year's new snacks
And she forgives and understands what ever deeds or misdeeds I did. 
Every year, the Atlantiz gang will have our annual home to home visit session. Banana Ong, though having his own noodle shop now, is going thru one of the busiest time of his life, still manages to tie our loose strings together. The numbers dwindle as the years pass, but there were still 10+ of us, after a decade when we first started this tradition.
It’s good to see friends that we grew up together. I suppose, these are the true friends, that are friends with us, for who we are.

Lion dance performance at the new Zhan Chu Association building at Kampung Lapan, Melaka
As for me, the year of The Horse was a pulse-setting one. I hope the year of The Goat would be a level-up, and that, Malaysia will be blessed with peace and better oil price.

Happy CNY and happy holidays my friends!

Have a good year ahead.
While I continue to search my life objective
PS: I’m going to kick start my travel life soon, starting with a stop-over in Singapore (10-12 March) for IET Aerospace Conference, and a YPCC business trip to London and Prague (13 – 22 March).