Saturday, December 27, 2014

End of 2014

My heartiest sympathies and prayers go to our fellow Malaysians in the east coast, battling the floods.

It’s Saturday, and I’ve spent the whole day camping in the room. While the whole world is enjoying holidays, I am cracking my brain.
I always thought that as we age, shouldn't we be better in exams? Because we are more experienced and more well-trained in 'examinalogy'?
International Business Management is the subject tomorrow. Then there’s Investment Analysis (which is a wonderful and substantial but scary subject) on Tuesday night, and Business Research Methodology (which I am in total disarray) next Friday. It’s really a very academic festive season, where my only entertainment is watching documentaries on Youtube.
At least, this is the last semester I am swallowing 3 subjects. Next semester, I’m only left with a thesis and a subject. I am almost there…
Am contemplating and looking at Student Exchange next fall. If not, I shall start trying my best to earn a good living.
I suppose life is really a journey. Sometimes, there is really no point being over-zealous or un-bending. If we could look past all these wants, needs and desires, the world may be indeed a happier and better place. (Sounds like Buddha's preach?)
我觉得,做人应该要懂得知足常乐,be able to count your blessings. This doesn't mean that you become less ambitious or laid back. Nothing is ever enough, yet nothing is ever perfect either. We have to feel grateful of the things we have, if not, we'll never be happy...
Life is, after all, a journey.
It’s important that we be truthful and sincere in things we do. Though it may go against the norm at times, but isn’t honesty the best policy? Sometimes I am really vulnerable being straight-forward, and in some sense, just not sensitive (as in, I don't doubt other people's sincerity). I always thought that if I treat people whole-heartedly, people will treat me like that in return.
And I am gravely wrong.
I found a weakness in me - I tend to trust people too easily, especially people that are close to me.
Not to say that I'll change this approach, but I'll, just be extra careful next time.
And yes, trust is something I hold to dearly. Once it's gone, it's very much gone.
On another matter, I was also trying to understand a great deal of Catholicism, Protestantism and etc. I believe the objectives of all religions are the same. A wise old man once explain the analogy of religion that is similar in eating vegetables. The objective is the same - getting people to do the right things, and doing things right. The objective of eating vegetables is to have a healthy body and good digestive system, thru different types of vegetables~
Sometimes I do wonder if religions bring more good than bad to the world... Look at the conflicts around
Nothing beats able to have a sound sleep at night, knowing that you did no wrong, no guilt, and there is no shame to hide.
I am my own man, and though people and friends always try to tell me how to live my life (I suppose out of kindness, and I appreciate that), I do hope to maintain my autonomy on the choices I make. I suppose, we all make decisions and stand by it. Thankfully, everything is still quite intact, and I am still living the dream life.
You can’t add years into life, but you could add life into years.
I had a fantastic year in 2014. And I’ve gone a feeling that 2015 will be even bigger.
I have to thank my colleagues, friends, mentors, and my beloved family for standing by me, helping and supporting me all these while.
Thank you D for walking into my life.
You are really courageous, brave, kind-hearted and a very sweet girl.
You make me complete.
New year resolution? I don’t know… I’ve never had one. I just go with the flow, and the jobs, tasks on hand.

What a year it was!