Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 2014

They always say, the nail that stands out gets hammered down.
I am not someone who is contented to live in mediocre. I normally push and challenge myself. At the end of the day, sitting idle is the easiest thing to do. Everything I’ve done in my life, I’ve took the initiative, or followed my foresight with full determination and dedication. It’s a bit disheartening because sometimes, people don’t understand the bigger picture, or they don’t choose to understand. Taking up postgrad studies and other professional courses are meant for personal development, and character building. Any company on this planet will benefit having competent employees and professionals.  Unless, the aforementioned company isn’t interested in progressing, or advancement, being happy to rest on its laurels, or, the people at the top are just too conservative and uninspiring. I normally downplay my achievements (which in my humble opinion, isn’t much to shout about) so far, normally citing luck or just being fortunate, deep down in me, I know everything wasn’t fluke. For my age and minimal experience and exposure, I am really proud with what I’ve done in my life so far.  It takes planning, perseverance, and some slight pain to get here. And I know there’re still a whole lot of challenges and hurdles to cross in time to come.
Well, I suppose you are always at the mercy of your paymasters. I think I caused quite some trouble to my boss. Sorry about that boss. I may have my short-comings, and would apologizes for that.
I need to also thank my lao da CM for having the guts and flair to tell me the happenings around me. Since Uni, you were always a classy senior I look up to. Thank you for being honest and truthful. I'll forever appreciate your gestures.
Some times the people closest to you may not tell you even if your face is dirty, especially when it comes to benefits and perks. I am just a little overwhelmed at how calculative, fake and wicked some people could be, just because of the mother of all evil.
It's like, you want the cake and eat it.
Maybe, it seems like I am insensitive and as a result was kept in the dark of my surroundings and own doings. I admit I may have overlooked your feelings, but I have in no intention of taking anything away from you people. I am responsible of my actions.
I have got no time for all these gossips, office politics and what knot... I just want to improve myself and do things of value everyday. I suppose, being trustworthy and honest doesn't earn you the same in return.
I am still quite surprised to be honest. I could feel the chill down my limbs. It's more towards disappointment. It takes a good and honest soul to do what is right, and the right things. It's a testament on how harmful words of mouth can be, and how interests and money destroys friendships.
Turns out, instincts are sometimes real. It's another eye opener.
Undeterred, I will continue to be who I am, and try my best in anything I do.

Anyway, I survived the most hectic month this year. And I am glad about it.
Was in Tokyo for a week, less than a month ago. I represented Standards Malaysia as a Young Professional in the IEC AGM/YP Workshop. It was an eye opener in the world of Standardization. The sheer might of corporate world and engineering superpowers (US, UK, Germany, Japan) blown me away. It was really interesting to see how high level competitiveness is forged. I also met fantastic people along the way.

Hanging out on the road side bar, under the Yamanote Rail-Line
Had lots of nice and fresh Japanese delicacy!
And more good food
My fellow Malaysians/Singaporeans - Actually missed their company when I went back Imperial Hotel to get my blazer
I managed to free up 4 days for free and easy. I needed to get near Mount Fuji. It didn’t disappoint.

It was, after all, fall
For one of the most coinciding events of the year, VBoey was actually in town with his mother and brother. Boey Jr. was in the Finals of some architecture competition, which is on a global scale. I thought the Jap judges didn’t try their best to understand and appreciate foreign works though.
Have to thank the Boey family for hosting me in their apartment. I needed a shelter before departing to the airport on my last day there.

The zebra crossing at Shibuya!
View from Tokyo Tower
Can machines in the middle of no where
There must be some protest on the tax hike 
Happening scenes at Meiji Shrine
I walked from Daikanyama - Ebisi - Shibuya - Harajuku - Shinjuku!

Was back in KL early Monday morning, and went straight to work. Tiredness is temporary, experience is permanent!

The following Friday, I was off to Hong Kong. Had R picking me up at the airport, visited Cathay City, and tasted some local tea-time the rest of the day. Thank you for your day, I had a great time.

Airport dim-sum - Surprisingly good
Was a nice visit
CC-AP meeting was on Saturday. Everyone was closed at 44th floor Cosco Tower for the whole day!

View from Cosco Tower

I woke up early Sunday morning, and crossed into Macau via ferry. Was actually really lucky, as the terminal was just outside the Hotel (yes, Ibis Hotel HK Sheung Wan). The timing was also right (9am ferry). I was still contemplating whether to purchase the tix online the previous night.  Turned out, you don’t need too.
Macau was pleasant. It’s the earliest European Outpost in the far east (since 16th century). The crowd, sunshine, the buildings made me felt that I was on a primary school visit to Melaka!
Spent half a day there, bought and tried some local cookies. I took the 3.30pm ferry from Macau to HKIA. Was stranded there for awhile after docking. I was too early. But, really, it’s always good to be early when catching the flight.

Portuguese style
I wonder why what's left is this wall
More noodles
Ferry straight to HKIA from Macau
Was able to enter Cathay's Lounge at G23 due to Enrich Gold status
I touched down KLIA at around 12.45am, and was back at my place, quite incredibly at 1.15am! Half an hour transfer time. That’s the difference when you take airport-limo, as compared to metered taxi!


This also marks the end of a fruitful year of official/non-official traveling.
I am over-moon looking at the places I’ve been this year. Quite honestly, I didn’t think I would have any chance to travel so substantially at the beginning of the year!
I am also started seeing someone – D, who’s very gentle, pleasant and sweet. Let’s see how we turn out.
I’d always thought 2015 would be my defining year.

2014 may prove otherwise!