Sunday, October 19, 2014

Munich-Berlin, Germany

It’ll be almost a week since I came back from Germany, the third country I most wanted to visit, after England and Spain…
It was highly educational, and cultural journey.
It took around 3 days to beat the jet-lag after coming back.
After the YPCC meeting at Euston Square, I left for Munich from Stansted, and took a 8-hour bus from Munich to Berlin. Traveled with Sach, from NZ. Met up with Carlo, who’s from Mexico.

The weather in London was lovely. I can still remember how glad and happy I was seeing the sunshine walking out of St. Pancrus station.
How often do you see sunshine in London?
Left for the airport on Saturday (4/10) before midnight to catch the early flight to Munich.
Only to find out it's the last day of OctoberFest, which is the most happening event in Germany, having roots from Munich.
Slightly too much beer for my liking...
It's quite an eye-opener
We visited the Nazi Concentration Camp at Da Chau the next day after the free walking tour.

Which shook me
Racism and extremism brings hell to earth.

Most spookiest part of the visit - The crematorium 
 Luckily dinner was better.

In fact, this is the best meal throughout my stay in Germany
Home made beer
Next day, I traveled solo around Munich. It's either doing that, or to go to Neuschwanstein Castle with Sach, which will take up the whole day.

BMW Museum  
The M1
Also checked out Bayern Munich's.
That's a different museum. 
Where Ribery, Lahm, Robben stands before entering the pitch!
The Munich skyline is just fantastic
The story of the East and West Germany will always fascinate me. How did a country divided into 2, reunite, and move on, until being renowned as one of the most efficient, technologically advanced country?  

Almost everything important in the near history happened in Berlin. I always wanted to visit Berlin. And, I am glad I went. It's such a special city!

Checkpoint Charlie
I walked the entire Karl Marx and Frankfutter avenue
At one point during my travel, I wanted to eat rice/noodles quite badly. And this bowl of 'chicken curry' from the Thursday Food Market was a savior!

Authentic Thai
Chilling out with Carlo
The legendary Berlin Wall
The Old Palace at the West End
 I've been to churches during my travels, whether in Europe, or around Asia. But this Protestant Church is the grandest I've seen. It's the most Catholic-looking church I've been to.

Very very grand and beautiful
Had a birds-eye view at the top of the Cathedral, after climbing a lot of stairs
Berliner Weisse mit Schuss
On the final day, had a rain-soaked walk to the Reischstag, German Parliament. The audio tour up to the top of the was GPS positioned, so you basically could follow the tour step-by-step. Very very cool and meaningful.

On top
Actually loss 50 Euros at the East End to some conman... Also understood importance of honesty at my hostel. It's been a great journey, one of the most meaningful in my life.

MAS no longer fly past Ukraine, just to reconfirm

Successfully had IET YPS AGM yesterday. 2 years on the hot-seat, and prior to that, 2 years as Treasurer. My IET career has been nothing less than fulfilling. I met and worked along side so many great people. The YPS Committee Team of 2012/14 was one of the best I've worked with. We were so efficient and effective, that we could actually function in isolation, but yet pull off big events, namely PATW AP and Annual Dinner 2014 of 120 pax.

I think the other people and the youngsters should take over the organization, with new ideas and more creative approach. You know, everyone gets out-dated.

I just want to thank everyone that stood by me, and assisted me in a way or another during my office. It was always a team effort, and I am feel blessed to have 'the' team.

Good luck to Boon Heng and co. Don't worry, I'll do my best as the Immediate Past Chairman.