Wednesday, October 22, 2014

End of October

Hooray! It's another Public Holiday!
Happy Deepavali folks!
One of my biggest leisure is to be able to seat down quietly to enjoy my Ceylon Tea, or Japanese Green Tea in the morning.
And I managed to also get some much needed rest. Amid trying to finish my Investment Analysis Assignments.
A chat with a friend unveiled the fact that I do not have weekend outings, which is quite true.
But it's a life I chose. While the rest of the flock have the luxury of enjoying past-times like playing video games, living life on the slow pace, mine's full with datelines. 
Looking onto year end, I've quite a pack schedule.

Berliner Weisse mi Schuse - Bring it on!
 For November:
- 3 Mid-term tests and assignments of all sorts
- IEC YP Workshop In Tokyo, for a week
- Research thesis progress
- To update engineer log-book, which is out-of-date for months
- Kick-start Steam Engineer Grade 2 to prepare for exam in early December. Hope to secure a 4-day training in KL. Have to also start following Boilerman Guru around the plant.
- Possibly a CC-AP in Hong Kong on the 4th weekend of the month

So it's quite clear, to many people, I don't have life.
But it depends how do you define life.

The name of the street is Weser...
December will be equally torrid. But let's cross the bridge when we reach.
It's a life I've chose, and continue to live. What's life without all the challenges and adventures? We chose who we become.
I always believe in giving 100% in everything I do.
I like living an inspiring and meaningful life, being able to influence and change lives for the better.
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being dragged into the dog fight and attention to find a girl, settle down and get married.
Seriously, can't I get some space? Well it may sound like it's for my own good, but sometimes it does really annoy me. Don't we have more interesting subjects to talk about? It's not that I am living my life in the wilderness aimlessly. If the correct person don't emerge, I can't just go after anyone I meet, for the sake of that. Call me a conservative if you like.
I just believe in Karma...
I suppose that's the stereotype of society, which I am not buying it anyway. I am just keeping things simple and short.
Sometimes, I feel that I am the odd person out. But a long time friend (HX) of mine reminded me that successful people are mostly different anyway.

The East End, Berlin

I'm quite amazed and inspired to understand what happened both sides of the Berlin Wall...
PS: If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the non-reply of messages. Makes life hard and quite miserable.