Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mid Aug 2014

We successfully pulled-off the biggest event on the IET Calendar – PATW Asia Pacific Regional Finals 2014, last weekend. It must have been one of the biggest events I’ve led in my life, and the job was significantly aided by having a fantastic team. Everything was executed according to plan. The YPS Annual Dinner that evening was 120 people strong. Another record.
The core team of BH (Program), IND (Logistics/Technical), PY (Media/Finance), TW (External Relations), Will (Program) coupled with young talents of Dan, Steph and Alice made the event a success. The rest of the volunteers also contributed in a way or another. It has been a pleasure working with you all. Well we evolved along the way, making all sorts of alteration and modifications to our initiate worksheet.
I was pleased that all overseas delegates from Aussie, NZ, HK, Beijing, Taiwan, Brunei, Sg enjoyed their stay.
To be honest, I actually went thru a few sleepless, the final two to be exact. I was going thru all the processes, visualizing the actual day, potential hiccups.
Again I learn appreciate the importance of proper and effective communication. Issues and discussions should be continuously updated among team members. I also learned how to trust my team mates, and have faith in our plans.
I also understood that succession planning is one of the hardest subjects in any organizations. I am also left pondering how to best tackle this issue. And the conclusion, is that, I could only try my best to set the best possible example. No organization will go south just because of  one person. Even if it does, it’ll be only temporary.
Form is temporary, class is permenant?
A fortnight ago, four bigshots from my co.’s HQ was in the power plant apparently “to know us” and to scout for project engineers. Though I am still unsure about what I want in life, but deep down in my heart, I knew what I didn’t want. So without much hesitation, I conveyed my thoughts, and in my opinion, kind of annoyed the few dudes who interviewed me. Of course, I could have left the door open, like others, and presented my usual self, making a statement, leaving a lasting impression, and wait to see what kind of offer is in store. But I suppose I am too straight-forward and honest, especially with serious business like handling a power plant project.  
I suppose my up-bringing ensured that I am my truthful self.
Will I regret my decision? Time will tell.
At the work place, I re-discovered my passion, and have been actively doing lots of plant-tours, learning from the old-timers, and making up of lost time. Not to say my passion diminished, but I really needed a manager that is bold enough. For the entire month of September, we have having a month-long outage. It’s a shame I’ve to miss a week in the middle. I am bringing my family on a holiday to Beijing.
Dad has been itching to glance and climb the great wall. It’s the only few occasions that I saw my dad’s eyes glow in excitement. As a traveler, nothing beats organizing a family trip, getting our parents and siblings in for an adventure. You know I am not who I am today without them.
Even if my manager gives up on me. I’ll just have to work triple hard during normal days to earn his trust and confidence.
Final exams are round the corner. It’s at the corner to be exact, the last week of August. This semester was quite a fluke. I’ve been in and out of classes. I feel the commitment and intensity has dropped. But what matters most is the final 3 weeks of classes?
Looking at my travel agenda, I am looking forward to an exciting 4th quarter of the year.
Mid September – Family holiday to Beijing
Early October – London (YP-CC), and possibly Berlin and Krakaw
End of October – Hong Kong (CC-AP), and maybe Macau
Mid November – Tokyo (IEC YP Workshop, representing Standards Malaysia)
So it seems, I have still much to look forward to.
So 4 years with the YPS, I believe it was very much organized and stronger when I first joined. 2 years in the hot seat, and I believe it’s time to pass the baton to someone else.
I am still quite perplexed at how things have turned out. The opportunities I received, and the people I met, the events I managed to be a part of… I suppose if you do things wholeheartedly, and sincerely, you’ll be duly rewarded.
The issue with people nowadays are, the greed, ego, self-centered, and the lack of compassion. These folks deal with machines too much?
Where is volunteerism, righteousness, and the passion to contribute back to society?

YPS 2012/14 - You guys are the best team I've ever worked with