Monday, July 21, 2014

UK Tour Part 2 (Edinburgh & Glasgow)

Edinburgh is by far my favourite destination in Europe.

Need to thank Colin and Swee for the hospitality.

Edinburgh in a glance (Castle)
Edinburgh castle up close
Hiking Arthur's Seat
 Understood that in life, you've got to wear shoes that fits your feet.

Kind of felt enlightened there
It was quite an experience
Glasgow was totally different.

Clyde River
Glasgow Cathedral, which was magnificent
And it was only 4 months back.
Scotch Whiskey factory
Walked the entire Glasgow on foot, and suffered fatigue later that night
Branding? Marketing?
Attended a seminar at Teacher's Building


Basically the heading is just a diversion.
I am actually, slightly lost...
My prayers to MH 17, and MH 370.
Never to be forgotten.
We have to find out what happened, and learn from the mistakes, preventing it.
Two air tragedies in such a short period of time is quite hard to take.
Makes me think of what’s the purpose of life anyway. The good guys often get the stick, while the bad guys (in Middle East) somehow get away scot-free.

Meaning of life?
Sometimes, I imagine myself getting into the wilderness, capturing images of wild life, doing research, maybe in South Africa? 
Or, sailing the seven seas, on Sea Shepherd maybe?

But we all know, that we are supposed to get a family, follow the cycles, and grow old.

I don't know.
Time awaits for no men.
Sunset at Glasgow Airport

Sometimes I don't know whether should I get a GAP year next summer. Or go see the a fortune teller?