Friday, July 11, 2014

11th July

I suppose it’s only when you can’t sleep, in the middle of the night, when things are quieter, that you would be sentimental enough to, of all things, blog.
Been rolling in my bed since 10.30pm, and now's like 1.00am. Couldn't sleep.
I am not sure whether is the jet-lag, but my body clock doesn’t seem right. In Europe, the sun sets at around 10pm, and rises at like, 6am?
So it’s middle of July, a period where I could safely rest on my laurels, temporarily. 
I have been very very fortunate. I made sure I gave an impressive and convincing presentation. After that, as usual I set off alone, this time, a 5 day travel to the european continent.
Had a trip of a life time to Barcelona. I knew I had to go to Spain.

Which airline but Ryan Air?
McD in Spain
Though I am not a Christian, the Sagrada Familia still took my breath out of me. Since young, by joining the Boys' Brigade (1st Johor Bahru Company), I've been taught to respect each other's religion and tradition. 

Gaudi's Art
The parabola interior was jaw dropping
It's still quite fantastic to know that humans still could achieve this kind of feat
The Nou Camp was also quite astonishing. I've been to stadiums in the UK, but this was another class. I suppose to be able to house Messi, Neymar, Dani Alves, Carlos Puyol, they had to have a fantastic stadium. I've got no objection if Suarez joins them. They are most probably the best football team in the universe.

And it was a hot hot day!
In the commentator box above Nou Camp
 Then I hike Mount Montjuic, until my legs almost gave way.

View of Barcelona
The harbour
Then I left for Girona, a small Jewish settlement some 100 km north of Barcelona. I would later fly back to London from Girona.

Ah, it's summer
Thought this was quite creative
In the Arabs Bath
The thing about solo-backpacking is, that you are alone most of the time. I regretted not bring any reading materials, but a bright-spark saw me downloaded Steve Job's autobiography, which was quite terrific.

Over-nighting at Girona Airport was quite pleasant too.

Though the local people were really helpful thru out my stay, they passionately explained things in Spanish, which for a moment, felt like I was talking to aliens... I should really consider taking up Spanish!

Picturesque Girona
Oh, and back in London, I was task to check out some hand bags, and Oxford Street is, really, a shopping paradise!


I suppose this world is fair. Somethings you get, somethings you don't.
I missed my fair share of things, achievements, people in my life. Some were really hit-and-go.
But I learn not to fret over spilled-milk, and to quote Bear Grills - 'You have only one life, and you've get out there and live it boldly'.
I suppose we take refuge in the words of people we look up to?
To be utterly honest, though I could tell everyone from A to Z, what are my ambitions, and how I intend to reach my goals in life, deep down, behind my heart, I'd still feel slightly doubtful at times.
Is this the life I am destined to live?
11 months, and like any footballers, I would be a free agent. And according to the Bossman rule (World Cup season isn't it), I could choose my suitors.
Ironically, I was so occupied for the last month and a half, that I didn't manage to catch a world cup game live!!! Outage work, assignments, studies, outstanding issues, competency exams...
(A friend used to say I have a schedule of a CEO, but obviously, my pay is like a mechanic!)
Well don't get me wrong, I am actually living a dream of my life. Who would have thought that I could have the time and flexibility to travel so frequently? (Though I owe my colleagues a lot for covering me)
Never in my wildest dreams that someone, or some organization for that matter, would offer to fly me business some 18,000 km away from home, to do what I could do best - to be on stage, to talk, and present initiatives my comrades and myself have be doing for the past, well, 9 years?
I suppose it's called 'when you contribute and volunteer without much demand in return, you'd rewarded handsomely?'
Before the age of 26, I've traveled the entire South East Asia, on a shoe-string. (Thanks to AirAsia)
But the only place I ever wanted to go was England. The tradition, our colonial heritage, Liverpool Football Club, are just few things that made me determined. I once tried to apply for postgrad studies in The UK, and got the offer, with tuition fee discounts, only to turn it down to fullfil my scholarship contract.
Europe seemed too far fetch.
But quite confidently now, I could say, I am quite familiar with London already. I've understood The Tube's system quite well. Am also quite familiar how the system works there, the directions, and of course, the do's and don'ts while in a foreign land. It's a hugely diversified place, a melting pot of cultures, and you've to know how to carry yourself.
Traveling is not for the fainthearted.
It takes courage, strength, determination, and yes, a pair of strong legs.

PS: So, is what I am having now jet-lag or just poor insomnia? And on a second thought, it's got to be the jet-lag. I should catch some sleep.


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