Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Whilst everyone goes home happily after work, I drive 40 km for classes.

Whilst everyone's enjoying dramas/movies/talking to girlfriends, I am in for assignments, ICE G2 Exams and etc.

Whilst I look like a foreman walking around the plant, carrying tools, and being bullied around, I am actually master-minding events, preparing meetings presentation to be done in London at the end of this month. (And I've got my Ryan Air tix to Barcelona from London)

Whilst my colleagues are changing their cars, I just changed my timing belt. I suppose it's time to invest in a property.

It's apparent that I could survive with the most minimum and simple of means.

My cash would be used for more meaningful and impact-ful expenses.

I admit that I'm someone all-accommodating, and that doesn't prevent me being stamped and shoved around.

Oh but it's fine, I am not losing any sleep about it. It's life. 

My mom once said who laughs last laughs best.

My mentors in the pasts and presents, are all experts in multitasking. I will catch hold of the art soon.

The art of multi-tasking 
Only after studying MBA, I realize the intrinsic value of great leaders, great managers. Too far in between. And I'll forever be in debt to mine.

Spent last Sunday as a tour guide for my cousin (MZ) from Xiamen, together with WK, my cousin bro. 

Fantastic relative to have. Successful yet steady and down to earth. Philosophical yet humorous. If it wasn't for WK, I would not be where I am today. The day he took half day off and sent me to Wisma Genting indeed changed my life forever. 

I was only 18.

And I am 27 now. 

I still think what goes around, come around.

Though I have not achieved anything huge yet, but I'll continue to work towards my goals in life.

Never say never. 

I must continue to strive and work hard
I have been kept out and dry for quite some time. It's time to grab the opportunity.

I have a feeling this year and beyond, may turn out to be the best period of my (already cool and fulfilling) life.


PS: Missed 端午this year. But I've bought flight tix for next year's one.


Ice said...

Once again (definitely not the last time!), I reli salute u, for living to the fullest in your life, juggling between work, study, and backpack trip.

My suggestion, go get a soul partner (a.k.a. girlfriend)! LOL, or you got one ady? she must be smart n independent like you!

Cheers! All the best!

crusader said...

Haha... Heard you are doing well too.

Thanks for dropping by. I suppose you are the few last readers of this blog~

Best wishes.