Tuesday, May 13, 2014

UK Tour Part 1 (London-Machester-Liverpool)

I just had my final exams 2 weeks back. Had a marathon of exams: Friday night (Business Law), Saturday morning (Marketing Management) and Saturday afternoon (Operation Management). I thought I did well considering the fact that I was away for the first 2 weeks in March.

And it's freer days for the past whole week. 
1 year of studies to go!

I arrived in London around 4pm, on the 1st of March after a 13.5 hour flight. I slept quite little during the flight, ans spend most of the time studying business law. I was to have my mid-term test on the 8th of March, where the questions will be uploaded online.

Had quite a pleasant flight
I was quite impressed with the micro-wave-heated steak
In fact, I was given a tour on the A380!

Free complimentary
After the meeting, Clara (delegate from Hong Kong) and myself join the free walking tour around London (Sandeman Tours).

Buckingham palace guards change
Big Ben - Apparently, Ben is the architect of the building, rather than the clock
Winter clothes for the guards

Tower bridge

I left for Manchester on a 'coach'. And met with my Uni mate - ShangJi and Jason at UMIST. I would stay at ShengJi's room in UMIST for the next 3 nights, including sitting my Business Law mid-term at 7.00am on the 8th. Eventually, actually did quite well.

So I owe ShengJi big time!

The Red Devils 
I was actually very impressed with the Etihad Stadium

The champions of England - Quite rightly so
The dream that wasn't to be - Proud that my juniors made it!
Maggi was extremely welcomed
Machester city hall
I also took had a day trip to Liverpool via rail.

Anfield - Finally after all these years!
The media room
Brandon Roger's seat
To be honest, there a slight disappointment for Liverpool fans around the world. I was actually believing that this may be our year. But congrats to Man City. They scored more goals, and had a better defense. The best team won the league.

But if you asked me last May that we were to finish second, I'd take it!

I left Manchester on a long distance train to Edinburgh.

To be continued~