Saturday, April 19, 2014

Karpal Singh (1940-2014)

I had such a tough time understanding Business Law and Ethics this semester. As I look at the last Business Law class next Thursday before sitting for the finals, Sir Karpal Singh would be among my thoughts. It was only after months of attempts, that I finally start to grasp the whole idea of what Law is. (And my lecturer Pn. Sharifah deserves much credit in turning my engineered-head around)
Maybe as an idealist, I found someone who shares the same stance regarding principles and a way of life. (Sir Karpal's a self-proclaimed idealist, and tries to get things done in perfection)
Maybe as a speaker, I finally caught-hold of someone of might and credibility to refer to. (I've quoted SIr Karpal in many debates on current issues)
Maybe when I lead a team/organizations, I always try to be as approachable and accommodating as I can, to be a good listener. (Like the selfless man Sir Karpal was)
Or maybe, Sir Karpal resembles dad who is a man of principles, strict and straight to the point, no nonsense.
When praises from both sides of the political divide flow into the vicinity, you got to realize that he is indeed a towering Malaysian. It’s the few occasions when you are really proud to have such a fellow countryman, who stood stern on democracy, human rights and justice.
Many would shift principles of life into the backyard when things get slightly inconvenient. And I admit me myself did struggle at times whether to hold on to fundamentals in life, or to take the more appropriate way out, because as the saying goes, you don’t earn a living with your principles.
But I suppose Sir Karpal reinforces my belief to always hold on to the principles in life, safeguarding your name, or in terms of marketing term – the brand mantra.
That’s why he is arguably the best lawyer in town, fighting for the defenseless, truth and a better Malaysia. When DSAI was charged with sodomy back in 98’, Sir Karpal was one of the first names making up his defense team, for not a single dime.
Moving on to the Hudud case, Sir Karpal was rock solid in his stance. He’s was my source of citation to uphold Malaysia as secular country, whilst almost all my mates are accepting the religious law outright, and I suspect, due to desperation for a change in the powers-to-be. 
Even from my shallow law knowledge (of 4 months), I could see the implication of having two laws in this land.
Malaysia's definitely engaging into reverse gear.
To reject hudud has nothing to do with respecting Islam as the official religion. It's a taboo, and if I would, as a Malaysian and non-muslim, respect every rights of the religion.

Even over his body, many would tremble

Sir Karpal, in his speech a few years back at the PR Conference, reiterated his stand that he will safeguard Islam as the national religion at all cause, as per constitution. He was the lawyer who stood for 4 Muslim girls in their tudung case in Singapore a decade ago.
So it’s a free country, and we’ve lived harmoniously without much issues for the past half century, why is the case of hudud being raised again? Who are we to judge who’s going to heaven or hell?
Holier than thou.
Political mileage I suspect.
If you need 4 witness to convict a rape case, I’ll be lost of words.
As far as I am concern, Sir Karpal is right in his arguments. And he will be sorely missed.
In another life, maybe, we would’ve become a lawyer, looking at Sir Karpal as the role model. To be able to influence the mass with his hard work and diligence (Still going to courts despite his disability and at the age of 73), Sir Karpal would be written down in Malaysian history as one of the greatest lawyer and politician ever.

RIP Tiger of Jelutong. Your spirit lives on.