Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some things you get, some things you don’t

The helplessness was apparent.
I am no stranger to tests and examinations. But the ICE G2 Paper 2 I had just now was to me, from another planet. Things like creep, tensile strength, cold work and hot work are familiar names but to write essay answers…
Too mechanical to be honest, and the questions asked in Paper 2 weren’t quite what I expected. Paper 1 relates to gas turbines, and diesel engines, which is still manageable.
I could only answer ¼ for Paper 2.
What a shame.
To be honest, I hadn’t have the time to prepare. Attended a 4-day training in October, and left for Nepal for 2 weeks. Coming back, I concentrated on work (having an outage) and my IET presentation. Then l left for Chengdu for a family holiday last weekend.
I’ll be back in 6 months time, better prepared!
Speaking about our family trip to Chengdu, it was wonderful.
It’s the first time we travel overseas as a family, and it will always be special for a backpacker to bring the entire family out. Well, when the children grow up, and are pursuing careers and living away from home, it makes it even valuable that everyone made the trip together.
Weather in Chengdu and 九寨沟  was colder than I expected. Luckily everyone pulled thru.

Superb outing for the family
九寨沟 was better than I expected
We booked the 5D4N package from Groupon (S$ 38), and add-ons till around RM 300.00, and we extended our stay for 3 days.
I’ll not exchange such time for any other things. 
The travel group was friendly and kind too... Lots of laughter
And our little friends were cool
I was particularly impressed with the 川剧 and 变脸 show
Because time is precious, and happy days like these matters to me.
Well there may be a school of thought for me to slow down my pace of life. You see, I have everything practically lined up for me.
Basically, I can’t remember when was the last time I sat in a cinema watching a movie, or when was the last time I went jogging around the neighborhood. Any free or idle time I have, there’s something to do, and it’s important, whether it’s studies, assignment, activity planning.
Traveling is quite tiring. People envy me traveling here and there, and I agree that it’s fun, and cool.
But, I’m not traveling anymore by the way. There’s no pending flight tickets besides KL-JB ones (almost monthly from January till October) next year. I guess fate made the AirAsia Zero Fair when I am away to Chengdu. But then again, there’s not much places left to go around ASEAN for me. I reckon it’s only Chiangmai, Krabi or Bali (which I am not really into it) left.
Dad wants to go to Beijing quite much though. I guess it’s the Holy Grail for every Chinamen. It should be done in mid-year to beat the cold winter.
As for me, maybe, just maybe, it’s time to slow down, and watch time pass by.

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Ice said...

i think, u r the best example (at least among ppl i know) of person who work hard, enjoy well and live life to the fullest!