Sunday, December 29, 2013

29th Dec 2013

Harder times
Leaving home after one week holiday would always be hard. The whole family is basically at home, as my siblings were also clearing their leaves.
Studying on a Sunday morning has been quite a norm.
Could have spent more time at home. But I was brought up this way, to strive and fight for a better future.
People are actually putting some expectation on me to succeed in life. I guess that’s a drive and motivation for me.
I had to adjust myself and prepare for the final exam tomorrow (Financial Management) and on Saturday (Human Resource Management). It’s the 2nd semester of MBA life, though interesting, there’s a lot of hard work in it. An engineer doesn’t necessary grasp the essence of Management subjects.
Home is somewhere with good and healthy food, and ever caring family members.
Isn’t the best place to concentrate and study.
The bright side is I’ve only registered for 2 subjects this semester, which has a much lighter load due to the packed travel schedules I had for the past quarter of the year.
I must say it was an event-full 2013.
The places I’ve been to this year are quite amazing: Pekanbaru, Philippines, Nepal, Langkawi, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Brunei, Banda Acheh…
It’s must be the highlight year of my life.
And I’ve basically no plans for next year.
A window would be the Hari raya period in July.
I think it’s time to slower down my pace of life, spend more time on my career and studies, and go home more often.
I am only human.
Taking the extra step in life (studying part-time) is something I am committed to, because I believe education is the path to self-development. Only time will prove the validity of my decision.
I could’ve changed my car, or spend some time going out to the malls, catching a movie or so~ I guess I've a different way in enjoying life. Drinking tea (Ceylon, Nepali, or good Chinese) on weekend mornings actually lights up my mood.

I beg to defer that as the brain ages, shouldn't we become more adaptable in studies and exams?

I decided to challenge my brain-cells like always, and I’ve always said, “please judge me when I am 30.