Thursday, August 29, 2013

A sigh of relieve

First we work, then we rest.

It’s fun to study. I like to read and learn new things.
I just had three consecutive days of exams – Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Economics and Accounting for Decision Making. Well it sounds scarier than in reality, but I did camp in my room for three days.
It’s more of how much you can endure and bear the monotonous days mugging books inside four-walls.
It’s a relieve to be honest. I knew I always have what it takes to prepare for exams. But grades aside, I thought studying MBA at UPM has very much broadened my views.
I look forward for the arrival of the next semester
And I was actually in Brunei during the weekend.
The IET Asia Pacific PATW Competition 2013 was well organized by IET Brunei. It was all over the newspapers/news/news portals the next day.

Can you spot me?
Deja vu?
The Malaysian representative - Miss Alice was quite a natural speaker. Good job! Keep up the good work. The potential is there!

Kampung Ayer
We went to the Brunei museum.

Some whale artifacts

Treated quite a posh dinner at the Royal Polo Club

The royal family's favourite
Then there was this posh hotel call Empire
I actually feel quite happy for the folks in Brunei. They seem to live a happy life, where money is not a problem. The King runs the country well, and there's basically no one below the poverty level. I just feel happy for them, that they didn't join Malaysia in 1969.

And the people there seem more civilized and liberal. Or it's just my perception due to the people I met?

Sometimes, things are fated.

And they have Halal mooncake there!

 I am actually looking for quite a hectic run-up to year end.
Basically having 2 flights per month for September (Kota Baru, Hong Kong) and October (Nepal, and maybe Sabah), Chengdu family trip (Novermber) and also another big-scale IET event in November.
Things are rosy and in place, and I just wanna spend the next couple of days giving myself some much needed rest.

That’s why I bought flight tickets home (AirAsia BigShot) this weekend, to celebrate National Day in JB!

Ps 1: Speaking about Air Asia, they’ve started collecting RM 4.00 processing fees even if you use online banking.
Ps 2: The stock market took a nose dive yesterday, amid tension between the US and Syria.
Ps 3: At this age, everyone’s talking about owning properties or buying a house, and I’m not even in first gear. Not sure what to do next either. But I am sure the market bubble will burst soon, though house prices may not dip too much, but at least it’s no longer inflated and fried as now?


Ice said...

if u buy a house that u reli need and reli can afford (not on book but on reality, not just based on downpayment & monthly instalment but based on overall liability), then it shud be safe.

i would say, be aware of under construction projects as they are selling at 'future price'.

crusader said...

Haha... Well in a way it's true la.

So you've got your property already?