Sunday, July 28, 2013

Uphill days

While people of my age spend their weekends hanging out at malls, doing exciting hobbies, or having their mouth-watering meals posted on FB, I spent my Sunday in my room reading Accounting.
Well it's rather a peaceful and hard to come by relaxing weekend.
Sounds quite a pathetic life.
But I am actually quite fine with a life like this.
And I am sure many would trade their's with mine.
They say, when you are young, sharp and healthy, better do things you wanna do.
And I am quite happy with my life.
Now’s a period where I am developing and enriching myself with knowledge and experience.
The thing is, final exam is one month away.
But I have quite a hectic August.
IET YPS Annual Dinner coming up is middle of next month.
Please do let me know if you wanna join the dinner.
And there is a 24-hour stopover at Brunei for a short conference.
I’ve got to thank people that cooperate, guide and are willing to share knowledge with me. 
It's always a team game in life.

Was in Langkawi towards the end of last month. 

This is the seed of a mangrove tree

Should google what is a "GeoPark"

Happier days at Berjaya Langkawi

And I actually didn't touch the sea at Langkawi

On the way back, I spotted this group of youngsters getting excited Langkawi Airport
Sometimes in life, it's easy overlook little things that bring us great pleasure, joy and happiness.

When the pace of life if fast, do stop, and reminisce the things you've achieved, and spend time with the people dearest to you.


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