Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Just had dinner with mentors and friends.
Turned out to be a consultation session for myself, which I hadn’t had for quite some time.
Sometimes when you’ve put in your heart and soul on something, like a project, on organization and etc., you would want the best for it, so that your effort would not go down the drain.

But you always forget the days when you picked it up from inside the drain.
So I learnt quite a lot, and kind of opened up my mind.
  • No one is indispensable in any organization, even the key person. When someone leaves, you rebuild the team again. Maybe you’ll build a better team. There’s always tomorrow. (I always view this quite negatively though)
  • Don’t try to control the uncontrollable. Do what you can in your capacity.
  • Ignore some things… Or, to shut it to the back of your mind, if you think it’s a nuisance.
  • When you speak in public, you’ve to always be positive. People are looking at you.

There's still much to learn