Saturday, June 8, 2013

3rd Quarter of 2013

So it’s the 8th of June 2013.
I just came back from UPM. Had a discussion for Organization Behavior presentation next Tuesday night.
I am looking at a case study whereby a SAP senior consultant quit his job due to the constraints and stresses he faced.
Most people have different presentation genre and skills I guess. That’s why when it comes to soft skills, it’s so subjective. I am really new to the world of MBA, and I really find Accounting confusing, especially on the ledger’s Credit/Debit.
Looks like my sisters will be my mentor.
Besides, I am quite lucky to meet like-minded and helpful group-mates. Hopefully we will graduate together one fine day.
Coming into the month of June, it also marks the third year I am working at KLPP. And I could only raise both my hands and say, time flies!
So far the change in management introduced a few red-tapes here and there (which is understood). The rest, business is still as usual.  
I virtually gave myself half a year of holiday since I got my papers for my MEE signed by the examiner on the last day of 2012. For half a year, I spent most of my time at the gym, badminton court and table tennis room after work, and my weekends lazing around.
Fear not.
I started my MBA 3 weeks back at UPM (Putra Business School) to learn about management and business skills. And now I practically, for 3 days a week, drive 40 km per way for lecture after work. It’s quite energy sapping. (Clocking 100 km per day on my old horse. Not sure it can take it or not)
My aim for MBA is not to score brilliant results, but to learn about managing people, or conflicting situations at work. I am looking at some interpersonal issues at my work place, especially among my subordinates. It’s good to know that there are experts out there who, at least know (theoretically) the solution for the problem.
Personally, I like economics. My journey started when I borrowed a “Economics for Dummies” from the university library during ungrad days.
I’m not sure getting back to study, doing assignments, solving quizzes, class presentation, and sitting exam is the best option I have.
But one thing’s for sure. I want to make my time count, do something useful and challenge myself to greater heights.

In fact, I have quite a packed quarter of a year coming up. I will be backpacking in Banda Aceh for 4 days in 2 weeks time. The target is Pulau Wey, an off-the-bitten path hidden island in the Andaman Sea (Check it out in Google).
End of next month, I’ll be going to Bali for a short vacation/getaway.
In middle of August, it’s IET YPS Annual Dinner. We just paid the deposit at Corus Hotel yesterday. If you are interested to join our Annual Dinner, which is on 17.8.2013 (Saturday evening), please do not hesitate to contact me.
Do join the IET YPS Group on Facebook.
End of August is judgment day (Finals examination). Not sure I still have the capabilities to sit down for 3 hours and write like a printer or not…
Mid September will be exciting. I am bringing my family to Perhentian Island, off Kota Bahru, Kelantan. It's a much needed family gathering-come-getaway. When the children have grown up, nobody seems to have the time for the family. So I am determined to get everyone on the boat to Perhentian Island. The old folks will not wait for us forever.
One week after that, we are organizing a technical visit to Hong Kong – Castle Peak Power Station, and MTR Operation Training Center at Kowloon Bay (IET YPS Event).
And the most looked forward event of the year falls in October – Annapurna Circuit Trekking at Nepal for 2 weeks in mid-October.
This would be the most challenging hike in my life. I have to increase the sets at the gym and jogging distance. It would be a fantastic journey.
I got a feeling that I’m in for an exciting 4 months!
Welcome back Wee Ser.

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