Sunday, May 26, 2013

First and foremost, congratulations to my uni-mate Chiat and Rou. May both of you spend the rest of your lives having the lifetime of your lives.
(Not sure if it’s grammatically correct)
But yup, it’s been coming.
Had one of the most exciting wedding dinners I’ve seen. I guess the brother-team of the Crazy Gang took the roof off!
So as I was lying on the lazy-chair staring at the rotating ceiling fan above, before the wedding dinner last night, it hit my mind and I released that it’s going to be June. Which means, we’ve graduated and started working for a whopping 3 years already!
But the scenes were all too familiar.
Familiar faces, familiar friends, and familiar fun-packed activities.
It brought the good old days back! The days we spend time rushing for assignments, going for road trips and not to mention hunting food across the country.
Time flies.
In fact, time waits for no men.
It’s a pleasure to have met all of you.

The happy-coloured shorts for the happy occasion


I was in time to meet my parents at LCCT at around 2pm just now. They are on a trip to Shanghai, and were transiting KL from JB for about 4 hours. I managed to pass them some abstracts from Lonely Planet and Wikitravel.
We’ve all heard about the dealings when traveling in China.
I didn’t know being a seasoned traveler, you’ll get quite worried of loved ones going traveling, because you are fully aware that unexpected things happen in a foreign land, be it pleasant ones, or vice versa.
Yes. I am a concerned son for this up coming week.