Thursday, March 28, 2013


I had a good badminton session on Monday after work. I had went thru a few weights at the company gym too.
On the way back home, with the Nilai skyline orchestring the most violent of thunders, I decided to head home for a light dinner.
It was in line with the fact that for the third year in a row, my medical report showed a slightly high cholesterol level at 5.8, and a LDL at 3.5.
I’ve been eating more prudently nowadays, besides up-ping the sets at the gym, and training for my stamina.
The light dinner would comprise of a tomato, an almond-hazelnut drink and some biscuits.
Normally, I don’t feel hungry after sports.
But the next day, I’ve been half-dead. Even until now, my stomach doesn’t feel right at all. And I actually feel feverish at times.
Too much wind in my stomach, according to the Chinese.
I regret didn’t taking a proper meal after sports.

I've just got to bare with it.

Panadol would be the last choice.


Anonymous said...

bro, take oat+milo will help when you want go for sport.

i make this drink almost my everyday breakfast, and the same drink before i go for my evening class. it makes me feel so bored that i try oat+hotlick combination.

since back from Sri Lanka trip, started my diet and now i lost 6kgs, consumed 3x900g of Quaker oat so far, with constant sport, min. 4km jog fortnightly.

many people do not know, triglyceride has close relation with cholesterol. our body will convert triglyceride to cholesterol when it is too high in our blood. reduce triglyceride can do by do not take oily food. Instead of Kuan lo mee, take mee soup, dont take fast food, n.lemak, etc. seafood especially shells' food may contribute alot to cholesterol, but we dont often take that. i find out the biggest contribution is 'DAI CHAO', therefore i only take 'steamrice'(some kind of wat tan ho, but is rice) from Dai Chao now.

my peak time is having 2.8 for triglyceride, 5.6 for LDL and 7+ for total cholesterol. it improved alot now. lets chat on this when we meet then...

Ping Yew

weeser said...

Haha! Sure... We should chat more when we meet...