Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Election 2013

Election is Round the Corner
Our dear Prime Minister has been on the offensive for the run-up to election.
But still, there are morons out there undermining his efforts, whether it’s pre-planned or habitual instincts.
I couldn’t care less.
For all the aspiring first time voters out there, please put in the effort to go back to your hometown and vote.
Malaysia’s future is in your hands.
The country needs responsible citizens, to make democracy work.
If Malaysians don’t vote, the Banglas and the Nepalese will vote on your behalf, in time to come.
We just witness the full wrath of Project IC in Sabah.
The future generation needs policy makers that are visionary and are willing to serve selflessly.
Gone are the days where Malaysians are blinded by the state-controlled media and selective reporting.
We need a just and fair judiciary.
We need an up-to-date education system.
We need competent and leaders who can do more than mere-talk.
We are standing at a cross-road.
Change is imminent.
And I am proud to be Malaysian.
And guess who is standing at Gelang Patah?


Ice said...

haha...i know who you wanna vote for! well, i just hope it will get over soon, cause 'hanging it' like right now isn't good for most business...