Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boracay & Manila, The Philippines

First trip of the year. I really looked forward to this trip.

Departed LCCT on 24.1.2013, night flight, and reached Clark Field at midnight.

Spent the night at the airport, and got to know Debby, a fellow Malaysian traveler.

Not only she was on our same flight with us, she was also on the same flight with us to Kalibo (Boracay) the next evening.

Speaking of coincidence, she will be on the same flight with us on 30.1.2013, from Clark Field to KL.

She was alone, but would meet up with some friends at Boracay. 

So Rey, Debby and myself formed a new clique.

Nayong Philippino, Clark
We left for Kalibo, then till Boracay that night. It was peak tourist season, and we managed to get a room at Isla Del Ma, at n inflated rate of 2000 peso per night for a room, whilst Debby stayed with her friends, at Frenz's Resort

After helmet diving
Under the coconut trees
Seafood dinner
Photographer at work 
We did island hopping, sailing, helmet diving and some snorkeling. I still miss the white sand there. We also met Debby's friends there, namely Kaitian, YanQiu, MingYu and a few which I can't remember the name. Half of them

Interesting bunch of people though... Half of them are pharmacist in government hospitals.

I found I had much to talk to with Kaitian on the flight back from Clark to KL.

Sunrise, Boracay
Was really a nice beach front
We returned to Clark from Boracay on 27.1.2013, and reached Clark at around 11pm. From Clark, there were no buses to Manila (so we were told). Luckily, there were 3 others: Andrea from Singapore, Jan from Philippines, and Tina from Denmark, whom like Rey and myself, wanted to go to Manila. So the 5 of us chartered a taxi for 3500 peso to Pasay City, Manila.

We (Rey and myself) would spend the first 2 night at Tune Hotel, Ermita and the last night at downtown Manila City.

We toured Intramuros the next morning, and Makati City at night.

Church of Manila, Intramuros
Intramuros means "City inside the wall", once was exclusively for the Spaniards, who ruled The Philippine for 350 years. They mostly concentrate to introduce Catholic to the locals.

San Augustine Church
The interior
I was rather overwhelmed when I entered the communal vault, which honored remains of past priest and nationalist.

In the evening, we walked over to the Bay of Manila to catch sunset.

Wasn't the most spectacular due to the thick clouds
On the next day, we went round Manila City, Binondo, Chinatown and to Quezon City taking the LRT/MRT.

Best ever wantan mee I've tried (Ling Nam Noodle shop, Chinatown)
Burgoo at Quezon City
Grilled fish at Gerry's Grill
Church of Binondo
Catholic at its pinnacle
Manila City at night, wasn't the safest place to be. Pasay City and Makati should be safer and more peaceful. We stayed at Vista Hotel, for like 1500 peso per night. It was within walking distance from our bus-stop RabbitBus Company. (Manila to Clark bus at 140 peso)

On the final day, we went around downtown Manila, re-visited the noodle shop, and even bought 2 Kg of noodles back home. We also visited Santa Cruz.

All in all, The Philippines was an eye opener. The people are really friendly (and open). The islands there are much to desired. Palawan, Cebu, Bohol... I am sure I'll be back.

The next Philippino island please?


sky said...
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Kaitian said...

Haha.. 'The ppl are really friendly (and open)':P How open?? hahaha.. You really had much to talk to me! Even shared the 'secret' (I supposed it's secret?). Sometimes we are more comfortable to share the secret with person who are in different friend circle. Frankly speaking, it's really a nice chatting with you. Hope we have chances to go traveling together next round! Btw, NICE BLOG!

crusader said...

Haha... Thanks for dropping by.

Nice to meet you ppl there. Well, not really secret la, just that I don't normally talk these issue in the open. So a different cycle of friend may just turn out to be the best listener.

Of course, we should go for the next trip.