Monday, December 31, 2012


Gone were the days that we spend our time packing ourselves at Bukit Bintang for count-downs.
Well at least for me, that’s the case.
I think maybe counting stars or trying to derive the horoscope configuration at some remote island on a starry night would very much fit my bill.
I never thought that I would find someone like you in my life. But it seems that fate just placed a big river between us.
But no way I’m going out without a fight.
Wait for me…
My respected examiner acknowledged and chopped the all important Borang COGS 20 today, which marks the completion of my thesis.
What’s left is for the hand bound to be done this Saturday, and I’m officially done.
I need to thank my ever-committed supervisor – Associate Prof. F, Dr A, Mr. K and my examiner Mr. Syed K. for the hard work, guidance and time spent on a student like me.
“Congrats for completing your Masters in year 2012,” said Mr Syed K. just now.
Practically the last day of 2012…
Anyway, looking back at 2012, it was a disappointing year for Liverpool FC.
Not for me.
2012 will always be remembered as the year the world didn’t end, and that I went back to my roots in Xiamen, Fujian, China for the first time. The year I went walking around with my father’s elder sister, and started using QQ to chat with my cousins.
Work has been good, and I had learned quite a lot, with all the shut downs and problems we had. The company had been good to the staffs, giving us room to learn and explore, and also the flexibility. And last but not least, Najib took over the power plant.
Still not sure it’ll bring more bad or good though.
I’ve travelled a little bit here and there also, notably Indonesia (to Medan and Surabaya), Sri Lanka, Laos and visited a hydro-electric power plant in Kuching.
Fulfilling year I must say.
I took some responsibilities by volunteering with The IET, with the aim of guiding some young and enthusiastic students. I mean, I would not be who I am today without the seniors and mentors I had, so it’s time to give back to society.
I am thankful and grateful that so far things have worked out well for me.
My family is doing well. My parents have contracted the travel bug, and I’m happy for them.
So looking into year a brand new 2013, I must say, time flies isn’t it?
I'll start 2013 with a trip to The Philippines in January. To be honest, I am quite looking forward for this trip. I mean, there's no other country in South East Asia with Spanish roots.
Then, I am looking at 2 trips to Indonesia, and one to Hong Kong with The IET. My JB gang are planning an audacious 2-week trip to Nepal in October, and we are scouting at the air-tix already. Maybe it’s time for a part-time MBA too.
So what’s your plan?
Have a great year ahead folks.