Monday, November 19, 2012

Sri Lanka Backpack (Part 1)

I was in Sri Lanka from 11-17 November 2012, with Chew, PY, and Soon.

It was quite a surreal trip. I never expect to go there.

The 2-way air tix of RM 240.00 was too much to resist.

We didn't do much preparation and planning. I guess when we start working, there're very much things that have higher priority.

The night before departure, we even had a night out at Setapak.

We reached Colombo Airport after a 3.5 hours flight from LCCT. Immediately, we were talked into renting a car by Dr. Ranjit, well, at least that's the title in his name card. Dr. Ranjit drafted out a 7D6N plan for us around Sri Lanka, which goes:
Day 1 - Anuradhapura
Day 2 - Sigiriya
Day 3 - Kandy
Day 4 - Nuwara Eliya
Day 5 - Ella
Day 6 - Negombo

For the 4 of us, the car with driver was at 400 USD, and for all accommodations for the 6 nights, at 430 USD.

It's still quite cheap compared to other tour packages. So we went for it.

Sri Lanka in a Vios.

Anuradhapura Temple

Anuradhapura is Sri Lanka's most ancient city. Well, you can basically read the stories on For me, it was a fair place to visit, considering the historical value it carried.
Some age old cravings
Water lily?
The highlight of the trip was always gonna be Sigiriya, the ancient rock palace. Ian Wright in his travel documentary provided the insight and the story behind this huge rock.
Fantastic Four in Sri Lanka
The height of the rock meant it had nice scenery, and tiring legs.
The King's swimming pool, as what our 25 USD tour guide said
Centuries old fresco, very well preserved though
 After Sigiriya, we went to Dambula, en-route to Kandy. We visited the Golden Temple, and well, the Rock Temple.

Golden Temple
View from Rock Temple 
Rock Temple Entrace

Kandy lake
Tooth Relic Temple in Kandy
It was class
A place for the devotees
I think for every devoted Buddhist around the world, Sri Lanka is the place to visit. I was quite overwhelmed after having a glance on the Tooth Relic. Took me 25 minutes of queue just to have a 1 second glance. 

I think for every Buddhist, Sri Lanka provides salvation.

Coming up next.... Tea farm at Nurawa Eliya, Colombo, and Negombo.

Stay tuned