Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Starts

It’s been quite some time folks.
I am to be honest, living the best years of my life. I think it’s the prime of my life for sure.
2.5 years rubbing shoulders in GSP, suddenly it’s being sold to Rosmah and co. of 1MDB. The news first surfaced on Business Times, and virtually everyone had a shock of their lives. It’s a new dawn for KLPP having new owners.
All of us have a feeling that it may well be a blessing in disguised.
I’ve been learning quite a little for the past few months. The turbines broken down one after another, then there’s the transformer, and then there’s the Detroit Diesel engine having a hiccup.
The stage is set for all of us to learn as much as we can, and that we need to have the perseverance to, well, register for IEM and start doing the log-book.
Being in the O&M team, and working thru weekends and public holidays during outages, we are lucky to get replacement leaves. I’ll in turn use these extra leaves, maybe go backpacking in somewhere remote, or to be exact, somewhere that requires low budget.
My next trip is on 11th of November, in Sri Lanka, for around 6 days…
I feel fortunate to have friends who are willing to go backpacking. Many people simply do not understand why I would wanna go to places like Burma and Sri Lanka, or even Banda Acheh and not to better countries like Taiwan, Korea or Japan.
They feel puzzled.
Well my mom sometimes feel puzzled too. But she’s always been supportive of whatever things I do.
Well, I’ll definitely travel to those places in the future.
After going to Laos (December) and Philippines (January), I’ve basically completed all the countries in South East Asia, and will venture to other regions. I’ve actually lined up for 3 trips after Philippines.
Thank you Tan Sri Tony for your impact on my life!
Last month, I ditched the supposed Viva for my Masters in early October to attend the Power-Gen Asia Conference in Bangkok. We definitely had quite an exciting time in Bangkok!
My program coordinator Dr Yasmin was kind enough to arrange another slot for my Viva, most probably end of this month.
Thanks Dr.
Hopefully I wrap up my Viva and pass my Masters, and, maybe do something else.
Next Friday, there’s this National Grad Conference in UNITEN, and I sent in my paper to them, and it was duly accepted.
So for the first time in my life, I’ll present a paper myself.
It’s not the most glamorous of conference you can find, but I guess it’s a whole new experience for me.
Hope I won’t get too nervous on stage?
Also, this is my third year volunteering for IET YPS Malaysia.
It’s really a cool institution for people who are in the field of engineering and technology.
I am fortunate to have a fantastic team of volunteers. Hopefully we can learn from each other and build a successful institution.
The student chapters have great student leaders, with committed and never-ending burst of energy. It reminds me the days in uni, where we only study just before exams, and normally get ourselves busy in all sorts of activities, and yet still to scrap thru the exams! 
Doing something meaningful when we’re young right?
We also visited a hydro-electric power plant in Batang Ai last month.
Was a great job done by Swinburne IET Student Chapter.
The team building and leadership camp last week turned out to be a success.
We have much to learn from the students in return.
We are also planning a visit to Hong Kong next fall. Hong kong holds the head-office IET in Asia Pacific. Most probably, we’ll also visit a CLP power plant, and the MTR control center.

Team Building @ Hulu Langat

The long march
Recently, a dear friend of mine secured a job with one of the biggest off-shore company. I must say it’s a fantastic achievement for her capabilities. Good job!
It’s just that, there’s a concern of safety and risk involved.
There’s no doubt I care for her.
And will take care of her, maybe behind the lime-light.
I searched high and low, talked to friends, seniors for insights in working off-shore.
Well the feedback is actually fine. You’ll just have to look after and protect yourself when on the oil-rig. Don’t share rooms with the opposite sex, always lock your room when you sleep, and always come back on shore every 20 days.
Last week, I had this over-head crane training at my plant. And the trainer, who goes off-shore quite often, told us a story about a Philippino engineer, who stayed off-shore for like 6 weeks, most probably to earn more OverTime, went mad and insane.
Considering the fact that you have to be air-lifted to off-shore, and there’s no one to see to you, maybe you can learn some martial-arts, kung-fu, or maybe, 咏春拳?

Or maybe I'll learn it instead.


kaevin goh said...

Awesome life. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel my trip to Surabaya and Medan. :\ But reading your blog reignite my desire to go out n travel. Let me know if u r looking for a backpacker's companion!

weeser said...

Hi bro.

Sorry to hear that you canceled your trip to Surabaya/Medan. I am sure there r lots of opportunities in the future.

Well, it'll be cool if you can be our team to Phillipines (24-29.1.2013). Currently we have 3 guys going, so it'll be just nice if we have you on board.

Do let me know if you wanna join us!

kaevin goh said...


It's alright.

Argh I am afraid that I have to take a rain check for this as I am traveling to US for work for a few months starting next month.

Keep me posted if you have any trip second half of the year alright? My email ->