Monday, August 6, 2012

Backpacking in Medan, Indonesia (26-30.7.2012)

It was a much needed break!
Away into one of the most leisure and beautiful place in South East Asia
It was just after IET Annual Dinner 2012 on 21.7.2012, which turned out quite well.
I'm in the midst of writing my thesis, and I'm still writing now.

We bought the air tix at an incredible RM 52.20 2-way some 9 months back during the 0 fare AirAsia promo!

At our resort
Black pearl inside?
The best grilled fish ever~! Ikan Jali from Lake Toba!
Lake Toba
It's a cool place to be honest

Batak culture

Did I mentioned Indonesia's freedom of religion? They really mean  it!
Lake Toba
I was in awe to see this view. My friend said it looked very much like NZ!
Was a great trip!
To be honest, was it NZ?
Definitely will come back in the future, maybe with my family
It was quite a luxury backpack. We rent a Inova Kijang and traveled with our tour guide. Spent around RM 800 everything in including air tix.


Met my supervisor yesterday to show him my thesis.
But I think I didn't really do what he wanted. I thought I had finish 80%, after some advice here and there, with a major overhaul needed, I think I am only at 40%.
Been sitting with the computer the whole day now.
The draft is to be submitted next Monday, with the final hard-copy somewhere in September.
It's busier times for me, but I am confident of completing it in time.


A reason for the slow progress is also of the Olympics!
How can I miss all those badminton games... Singles, doubles, mixed doubles....
With the newly install Unifi at my Nilai house, no sports enthusiast like me would ever miss those games!

That's why I'm gonna be so dead now~

I do feel for Datuk Lee Chong Wei! By coming back from a serious ankle injury sustained just 10 weeks back, I think he did very well! China head coach Lee Yongbo was on the coach bench down the court! Can you believe it?

It just shows DLCW's a great opponent to Lin Dan.

Congrats DLCW! I don't think many Malaysians can get 2 silvers! You did Malaysia very proud!

And you united all Malaysians! Which is gold already!


Anonymous said...

Nice trip there. I can't imagine how u manage to work, write thesis n travel around. LOL~ AMAZING`! Keep it up... Guess we're having d same issue with thesis.

All d best bro~!

Chia Hui

weeser said...

Haha~ You also the same. Very active in outdoor activities~

That's y i'm dead meat now!

Let's push for our thesis!

Ice said...

you really live a meaningful and wonderful life! utmost salute from me!